About Blog Building University and Hendry Lee

Blog revolutionizes how people publish content (textual, image, audio and video) online. Never before that average people could stat get their thoughts, ideas, articles, speech, home-made or professional video available to everyone in just a few minutes since they have the idea to make it public.

With millions upon millions of blogs, the problem is to get enough attention and traffic to make a blog useful for money making and business building.

As Internet consists of content, there is more than one way to make use of a blog, but mainly professional bloggers who want to use a blog for commercial purposes can be divided into two polars:

  1. Business blogging. This includes existing business owners who want to reach out to their audience and generate new business for existing products and services.
  2. Niche blogging. People who are making money through advertising and affiliate products by providing information in a niche. Instead of growing an existing business, blogging in this case is an independent endeavor.

The distinction may be subtle, and they overlap each others in many areas. However, their strategies can be very different. Blog Building University (BBU) is here to serve both group of people to effectively use a blog to achieve whatever purpose bloggers want.

A Blog as a Tool

Long Tailed Boat

The idea around BBU is to see a blog as a tool instead of the ultimate solution to online publishing.

While a blog allows you to:

  • Generate traffic
  • Build loyal audience
  • Establish your expert status and authority
  • Convey your brand
  • Sell something, etc…

A blog may not be the right tool for everyone. In real life, only after you know that what you want to do is to hang a picture on the wall and where to hang it, you should pick a hammer. The same situation applies to blogging.

Instead of forcing a blog to work for your business, the philosophy behind BBU is to do it exactly the opposite way. A blog should align with your strategy and help you achieve what you want.

From Technical Matters to Business Strategies

Building a successful business by taking advantage of the blogging technology requires combination of a lot of factors, including but not limited to, sound business strategy, ability to work fast by being Web savvy, etc.

Having a strategy prevents you from wasting time, energy and money on things that you will abandon later. Because, let’s face it, there are already millions of blogs abandoned. Yours truly is guilty for some of them in early days.

Although technical matters can get complex, you don’t need to be a techie to build and grow a blog. BBU ensures pleasant voyage even if you stuck in technical problems. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to find solutions to a problem if you are willing to just take action.

If you really want to get technical, for instance, you may also learn how to build and optimize your own web server, one that will survive even if you are in the front page of Digg.

About Hendry Lee

BBU was founded in 2008 by me, Hendry Lee. I am a new media strategist and Internet entrepreneur.

In my previous life, I was a Linux system administrator in a local Internet Service Provider. My tasks involved building high performance server for mail and web hosting services.

With BBU, at last I have the chance to combine my technical skills with ability to convey geeky stuff in layman terms, plus previous business and marketing skills, to help people overcome challenges in building and growing a successful blog.

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I live about 46 kilometres from Lake Toba, the largest resurgent caldera on Earth (about 35 x 100 km). This photo is taken from his personal collection (pardon my lack of photographic skill).

Lake Toba

Images in Blog Posts

All images in the blog posts, except the thumbnails, those in the home page, Hendry’s headshot, images in the product pages and the Lake Tobe image above are courtesy of René Ehrhardt.

René’s work has brought in endless of inspiration for me.I can’t be more grateful when he allowed me to use all his work on this blog.

I sincerely hope someday René will come to Indonesia. It is one of the most exotic places on earth, René. :)

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