5 Blogging Books That Help You Become a Better Blogger

In early 2000, when I first used a self web publishing tool called blog, it was just a way for a geek to jot down notes — basically much like a note taking or personal diary.

Being a geek (not my own word), I always have more than 3 computers in my room for testing various web applications and other purposes. Blog software grabbed my attention as never before were I able to get a page up so quickly, even if it was only to my private network.

Of course, I didn’t know a thing about business blogging or make money blogging back then. It was just pure hobby.

It is through books that I learn that beyond my first amazement, there are still a lot of space to explore. Nowadays, I could concur that this little tool still astounds me on a daily basis, especially the way it revolutionizes how companies communicate and reach out to their customers.

(Again, as a geek, I’m also hugely interested in the technical aspect of publishing and marketing too.)

A few of the books below are a few years old. For the Internet, they may seem obsolete, but they are not.

Just flipping through the table of content and the pages quickly, I think these books should give a perfect introductory to the blogosphere.

As today, blogging has extended beyond publishing to social media, you will find information that not only will help you understand how to integrate a blog into your marketing mix or to make money through independent publishing venture, but also prepare your path to the whole new world of social media.

It is easier to grasp the new media when you’ve understood blogging because a blog is also social media.

With that said, here are the books that got me started, that I enjoyed reading, and that I believe in (as a bonus):

1. Buzz Marketing with Blogs for Dummies

Buzz Marketing with BlogsBloggers are no dummies, but this book introduces me to the other side of blogging. If before the only thing I knew about blogging is for hobby, this book got my mind busy with the possibilities and commercial aspect of blogging.

If there’s only one thing that I learned from this book, it would be that understanding your audience is more important than ever. Blogging is not about expressing yourself the way you like, but more about fulfilling what the readers want. At least that is the case for business blog and if you want to build readership for your blog.

2. Blog Marketing

Blog MarketingA few months after the debut of Buzz Marketing with Blogs for Dummies, Blog Marketing was published. It covers quite in depth about big companies using blogs to raise their visibility and extend company branding.

While nowadays you can get the same knowledge inside this book by surfing the blogosphere, you can save a lot of time if you just buy and read this book.

This book ensured me that blogging is essential to every business success, starting now and more in the future because if you are not changing in the era of Web 2.0, your competitors are going to leave you in the dust.

3. The Corporate Blogging Book

The Corporate Blogging BookEven before this book, I already knew Debbie Weil, the author of The Corporate Blogging Book, from various teleseminars she conducted about blogging, so when she announced she was working on a book, she already secured a buyer.

As the name implies, this book is about corporate blogging, how to sell the idea to a boss, how to determine return of blog (ROB instead of ROI), including a detailed plan for implementing corporate blogging for various applications.

As with other books, every blogger could learn a lot from a book like this even though they are not applying it in a corporate environment.

4. Clear Blogging

Clear BloggingThis is a relatively new book if you compare it with above titles. Rather than reading old books again, I bought this one for review about business blogging and to my surprise I pick up quite a lot of tidbits about the “revolution in progress” in the world of media.

Clear Blogging also mildly touch on podcasting as a way to extend communication beyond text and image content.

5. ProBlogger

ProBloggerDarren Rowse, the blogger behind ProBlogger.net and Chris Garrett released this book around mid 2008. It was the first time I decided to read a physical book about making money with a blog as a professional blogger.

I’ve been following the development of this industry through e-books and blogs, but holding a book in hand certainly gives a different feeling. I guess that’s why a book is not going away anytime soon.

If you are just into the world of self-publishing with a blog, this book is a must read.

5+1. The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging

Huffington Post Blogging

Released in December 2, 2008, I haven’t had time to peruse this book yet, but this book is one of the few that I personally trusted in before I read.

Obviously Huffington knows about blogging better than most people. As one of the most popular blogs on earth, there is no doubt about it. Looking through the table of content, you will learn how to find a voice in order to stand out in the midst of millions of blogs and foster a blog by building community.


Who has the time to read hundreds and even thousands of posts to learn about business blogging? Even though you’ve just heard about it, nowadays you can quickly grab a few books, spend a weekend to read them all and got started the next day.

I still think the best way to be able to take shortcut is by reading books or take a blogging course. Of course, the latter is more practical but usually also more expensive.

Books, on the other hand, are affordable. Moreover, they give you a chance to stay away from the computer screen during the weekend. Seems like a good deal, no?

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