Blog Posting Frequency — How Does It Relate to SEO?

Blog Posting FrequencyThere is a lot to say about blog post frequency but this post will focus on how it relates to search engine optimization. If you have been around the blogosphere for some time, you should have read an advice about posting every day.

Many popular and high traffic blogs update a few times a day. That makes many bloggers think that is the way to go if they want to grow traffic level.

Assuming that everything stays the same, more traffic always mean more sales and/or ad revenue. It is a good thing to have but it is necessary to keep in mind that people can get overwhelmed with too much information.

No matter how well you write and how good the information you have on your blog posts, people will subscribe to other blog feeds too because there is no blog that could be the sole authority in its niche nowadays.

Don’t get me wrong. Frequency of posts is a factor that attracts readers. Done right, it allows you to reach out and build relationship with your audience. It also offers branding opportunity every time you get in front of the readers.

After all, no one can be an authority if s/he has very little things to say about something.

Frequency of Blog Post and SEO

Generally, with more content, you have better chance of getting traffic from search engines with those long tail keywords. Finding the sweet spots between post length, frequency (quantity) and quality is something you should try to find out. I hope I’ve made it obvious that it varies from one niche to another.

There are two main factors related to posting frequency that have to do with search engines:

  • The number / quality of links (PR). This is simple. Search engine spiders follow links. With more links, they will lead the crawlers to your blog more often. Also you should take into account the fact that higher PageRank may result in more frequent visits from the spiders because they think your site has more authority and value in terms of content.
  • Update frequency and consistency. As you update regularly, you will begin to notice that the search spiders come more frequently. With consistency, those crawlers will visit your blog on a daily basis, often a few times a day.

A Few Words about XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemaps, for instance, allow you to control and tell the search engines about how frequently the page is likely to change. However, just because you use the value always or hourly doesn’t mean that the spiders will be visiting exactly at that time interval. Think of it as a suggestion.

The same thing applies as well to the priority variable. If you set it all to the highest priority, search engine spiders will presume that all the contents have similar priority. Its value is relative to the pages within your own blog or site.


Blogging is about building relationships with your readers and participation. While blog posting frequency is a factor, it is by no means the only thing that matters.

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