Five Sites to Leverage What You Know and Start Making Money

Five Sites to Sell ContentAs a blogger, you should start seeing yourself as content producer. You may be wondering, with millions and millions of sites and blogs out there, why do people want more content? Isn’t it the last thing that they want?

Why People Want More Information

It is true. People are overwhelmed with information. However, there are actually two things that they care about:

  1. Quality of content. If what you provide is available no where, if it is unique and can help them accomplish something or solve their problem, they’ll buy.
  2. The time to research and distill the information. They will buy information if it can save their time or just to avoid sifting through mountains of data.

Moreover, we live in an accelerated world where everyone is expected to be a lifelong learner. For those reasons, selling content just makes sense.

Who is This Post Written for?

This post doesn’t try to promise the sky. Chances are, you will not be able to make a living just by doing it.

This post offers places where you could leverage your knowledge (what you know) to earn money.

If you are looking for a way to sell content, perhaps this will be a great start. Maybe you are planning to start your own information or blogging business, but you still doubt about the feasibility in the long run.

Getting the momentum going is very important. If this post is able to help you do just that, it has achieve its purpose.

At least it shows you how you can make money selling content, especially if you haven’t in your whole life sold your knowledge or expertise in any content format before.

1. Squidoo


“Everyone’s an expert on something!” That is what people at Squidoo think. Squidoo allows you to share your knowledge by creating what they call a lens.

Basically, a lens is one person’s view on a topic. Squidoo focuses on content building by adding many frequently used modules so you can pull RSS feed, images from Flickr and more to your own page.

You could build a lens in virtually any topic. People have been using Squidoo to share their knowledge, increase site traffic and earn royalty. The latter is of interest to us in this post.

Building a lens is simple. The site will guide you through the process.

You can earn royalties if people visit your lens and buy product or click on the ads. Squidoo has Amazon, eBay and CafePress modules. Each lens carries Google AdSense ads too. Squidoo allows you to send your royalties to Squidoo Charity Fund, make donation in your name to charity of your choice, keep it all for yourself, or allocate certain percentage of it to all above.

2. Helium


Helium is a site where writers can bid for writing projects and earn money from publishing their content on the site.

It includes different content channel organized by category, such as autos, business, sciences and travel.

Helium pays articles based on the value of your contribution, the ranking of the articles, subject of interest and advertisements value.

3. Associated Content

Associated Content

Associated Content is a platform that enables everyone to publish text, audio, video or image content in any topic. When you post your content, you’ll be able to reach their audience, which will provide feedback, ideas and suggestions that can be useful to you.

Your goal may be different, but you can use it to make money. Once your article is published, you will be paid through their Performance Payments or Upfront Payment programs.

Performance Payments: The amount your earn depends on page views to your content. For every thousand page views, they pays you $1.50.

Upfront Payment: They offer to pay you certain amount before your content is published. It is in addition to the money you can earn via Performance Payments.

4. Epinions

Epinions is a web site that pays you for your personal reviews. You can review any kind of products or services, from digital cameras to medicine, vitamins and hotels.

The site uses Eroyalties credits to track how much you earn for writing reviews. The credits are redeemable in U.S. dollars. You can earn credits through the Income Share program. Basically, you help others make decisions by writing reviews.

If you provide high-quality information, be it a positive or negative reviews, you can make money. The amount your earn from this program is identified by an algorithm known only to Epinions (to prevent gaming).

5. Constant Content

Constant Content

This site is a content marketplace for writers and web publishers. Webmasters can browse through the articles and purchase usage, unique and full rights on the article. They can also request for an article topic and list the price they are willing to pay.

For authors, Constant Content is a place where you can register and publish your articles for inclusion in the marketplace.

This model may very well become popular because rather than buying links — and risk being penalized by Google — webmasters should spend their money on content and run it on other sites to get permanent backlinks.

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