Getting the Limelight – How Remarkable Bloggers Gain Recognition

Getting the LimelightThere is an ultimate fact called life. I bet you have noticed that the most qualified people do NOT always make it to the top. Despite what they may have brought to the world, at best they only have a small group of followers.

These followers may know what they have to offer, but beyond that, there is no media coverage. No word of mouth. No links. No nothing.

On the other hand, you have seen people who are mediocre at best in their fields. But when you go everywhere, you see their names. They are the recognized experts. The gurus.

It just sounds unfair but life is that.

Bloggers are Experts

Consider this. Bloggers are experts at certain topics. They get their knowledge in the form of blog posts out to the world for others to read.

But remember that the best of the breed don’t always get the kind of recognition they deserve.

Olympic Stadium

That may be good or bad news for you. It’s good because that means a lot less bloggers will be able to leave a big footprint on the blogosphere, i.e. less competition. On the other hand, you may be one of these bloggers.

Bloggers have their own challenges. You can greatly increase your odds for success by following a few basic principles.

Why Bloggers Fail

It bothers me to see less qualified and knowledgeable people getting all the limelight. But then I realize that bloggers often sabotage their own success.

There are a bunch of reasons why bloggers fail. I’m not into the reasons in this post, but most significant trend that I’ve always seen is because of the wrong attitude and mindset.

A web designer starts a web design blog. A mom blogs about her experience being a stay at home mom.

There is nothing wrong with this approach. After all, I always suggest that people follow their passion. Experience and knowledge certainly matter. Nothing is wrong with starting a blog in the topic you know about.

But… this is when it becomes hard to swallow. Just because someone is a groovy web designer doesn’t mean he knows how to build a blog business.

Just because she is a mom doesn’t mean she can be a good blogger, not to mention about the whole range of activities related to blogging.

Be Extremely Good at What You Do

So passion is a factor. You need to be very interested in a topic to become good at it.

A good starting point to gain recognition is to keep doing what you do. After all, you are already good, so why not taking it up to the next level by being extremely good?

Strive for excellence. Other bloggers may be more popular, but at least you know that you are better in one way or another.

You need the balance though. If it takes 20 hours a day to keep up with your topic, you will not be able to do it yourself. Remember that blogging is not about knowing per se.

Perhaps you need to zoom in and focus on a smaller niche. It may be that you have to stop the distraction and avoid touching everything just because it is remotely related.

Seeking for Recognition and Gain It

Talking about self promotion may make some people uneasy. Thanks for the bad reputation marketing and advertising have brought us throughout the years. But that’s not the fault of either marketing and advertising, but more of the wrong approach to them.

As a blogger, you must get the words out about yourself, your blog and your content. You have to seek for it and claim it.

Whether you realize it or not, you are already doing it. When you ping blog services when updating your blog, basically you want to tell people about your new post.

When you tell your friends about it, basically you want them to read and perhaps help spread it.


Most bloggers don’t object blog promotion if it is done with the right approach. This approach has been there for as long as I can remember. We do it in many ways, but for some reasons, many people don’t think about it as a form of marketing.

But it is.

Making Use of Content Marketing

The new buzzword for this approach is content marketing.

Instead of pitching the product directly, you educate your audience about the problems. As people become aware of a problem, and possible solution that you may offer, they will make the buying decision.

People want their problems solved. They need information to do that. Like it or not, they go online mainly for that reason, besides entertainment.

Content marketer approaches marketing with this in mind. They reach people through search engines, social web, emails and other content distribution channels with the intention to help and improve other people’s life. They contribute and make the world a better place.

If you don’t do that, you are doing a disservice to the population at large.

With this “formula” alone, people get recognition even though their content is just average.

Fitting the Pieces into the Puzzle

Remember that I mentioned above that you should become extremely good at what you do and keep at it?

Combining solid content and content marketing will increase your odds of getting the recognition you deserve.

When you keep the quality and add content marketing as your fuel, your posts will be seen by more people. That means you have more potential influencers to help spread it.

That’s like pulling the trigger. It hits the bullet to so hard that the bullet has the chance to show its fullest potential. Otherwise, it is just another piece of metal.

Without audience, content may as well never exist.

So for the whole thing to work, you need to be good at what you do. A lot of people are competent at what they do. Just that they don’t know how to package the information and deliver to the right audience.

Content marketing allows bloggers to gain recognition and become remarkable.

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