An Evergreen Online Business Model

Evergreen Online Business ModelReaders of this blog have very likely stumbled upon a few sites that offer a guaranteed step by step system to get rich on the Internet through blogging. Perhaps you even considered starting a blog because of it.

Now it’s not my intention to bury anyone’s dreams. Dreaming is a good thing. However it is the vision of this blog from the day it started to help newbie bloggers build and grow their business the right way from the beginning. If I could save one people’s time, money and effort, I’d consider this site to be successful.

Ok, I have a huger vision than that, but still my intention is to help one people solving one problem at a time.

For the previous months, many readers write back to me after participating in my blogging e-course for the time I’ve saved them in the strategic and technical aspects of starting a new blog.

But it makes me sad some people still fall into the trap of overnight riches through blogging, albeit my advice. That’s about when I came up with an idea for this blog post.

As the title implies, I will reveal an evergreen blogging business model that is applicable to any niche.

But let me say it upfront. This model requires hard work. If you do not dread it, you will be in for a treat. This strategy allows you to build a real solid business instead of just a money maker. It also separates you from your competitions because of your better strategy.

As a bonus, with this strategy, your competitions may become your partners because of the mutually beneficial situation.

Feeling Intimidated?

“What are you talking about, a business?”

Isn’t it supposed to be easy? You build a web site, insert a few ads, and lo and behold money begins pouring in.

I wish it is so simple. If it was, no one would ever struggle and have any money issues. Perhaps we should retire a few months from now, buy an island and build a resort of our own.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m far from a skeptical person. Realistic is more of an appropriate word. It is indeed possible to make money online. If you haven’t earned anything online before, aiming for a few thousand dollars per month is a good way to begin.

The problem is, many people feel intimidated about the idea of starting a business. That’s because they get stuck in the middle of the so called “World Wild Web.” Everyday people see new tools, methods and systems to make money online.

How do you know which one is legitimate?

The answer is you’ll know it, if you stick to the basic principles. With an understanding of how it works, you will be able to know the real deal from a scam from a mile away.

Who's Next

A Business Like Never Before

The simplest definition of a business is the principal activity in your life that you do to earn money.

It used to be that to start a business you have to pitch venture capitalist, register a trademark, hire a lawyer, lease office space, decorate rooms, buy furniture, office equipments and computers, and so on and so forth.

While trademark and other legal stuff still have their places, you could start with none of those. A business is no longer what it used to be.

The cost of establishing an online business is only less than $10 for a domain name and $5 per month or so for web hosting. If you could not make this kind of investment you should just quit dreaming.

To build a business, you need to treat it as such.

And when I’m talking about business, it is hardly a business as we know it. Read on to find the difference yourself.

Understanding a Few Principles of Online Business

If there’s a key to online riches, this should be it. Understanding the underlying principles that run a business is crucial no matter which type of business you plan to run.

So here are important ones you should grasp firmly before you consider any kind of venture:

  1. Satisfy a demand. For a business to survive, it has to supply a demand. It is much harder to create demand out of thin air, but you can find existing demands and spot online trends for free without spending much time and money on market research.
  2. Create most wanted products. The products don’t have to be costly to produce. There are several ways to create high quality products inexpensively. An alternative would be to sell other people’s products.
  3. Know the real value. Business owners often lose sight of what’s really important. Sometimes you can give away stuff for free just to get more people to come. That may be an upfront cost, but you can always send highly qualified prospects to other business. Affiliate products and ads are just two income opportunities you can tap into.
  4. No overnight success. In fact, you may have to face the humiliation from family members and friends who don’t understand what you do. As with any business, it takes time to develop a foundation and build it to a level where money starts pouring in.

With those in mind, you are more than ready to be in business.

How This Business Model Works in a Nutshell

People go online to find information and entertainment. That will always be the case, which is also the foundation of this business model.

Your job as a business owner is to look for a group of people with shared interest who want access to high quality information and provide it. So that’s the first step.

If you like to write, produce good content on a regular basis. You can even write about your favorite topics.

You can forget about blogging. A blog is just a tool to help you publish and manage web contents. Once you have the content ready for public consumption, put it up online. It’s a point and click process if you use blog software.

If you prefer talking (and you have pretty face), audio or video format is more suitable though. Remember that you want to provide information and if possible, be entertaining at the same time.

With useful contents on your site, you are ready for traffic. There are many ways to get traffic to your site. Search engines are probably the most popular way because of the volume and quality.


Here’s how to keep the process simple. Look for places or sites where your prospective readers visit on a regular basis and participate. If they hang out in discussion boards, become an expert in those sites. Answer questions, network with others, befriend them.

If you are creative, you will find a way to get them back to your site and peruse more information.

Traffic may be hard at the beginning. This is when you should stick with the principle above. There’s no such thing as overnight success. Persistence is required. It is what distinguishes you from the other site owners.

Make Money and Build a Business from / with Your Site

Now that you start having people on your site, what should you do?

Web site traffic are prospects. They most likely have buying power. Again to refer to the principle of business above, you need to satisfy a demand and provide value to get their business.

It may be that you need to recommend high quality products from other vendors. That may result in affiliate commissions.

Nowadays, people struggle with information rather than the lack of it. If you could provide really good information and organize it in a usable way, people will buy it. Think of the home study courses, e-books, online learning classes, etc. You can always tap into this source to diversify your income.

Remember the principle of “knowing the real value?” You certainly can’t convert 100 percent of visitors into paying customers but they are still looking for products to buy.

At the same time many companies out there are looking for more customers. Sell virtual real estate, i.e. ad spaces, on your site and cash in on that. It is yet another revenue source. Contextual advertising program is a good way to start.

Don’t listen to people who claim that AdSense no longer works. People are still making four- to seven-figure per month using that advertising network alone. You just need the right traffic and offer. The latter you can leave it to Google. They usually do a great job of targeting. Otherwise, you can always look around for other options.

Feasibility and Scalability of This Business Model

I won’t claim that this business is easy to run. If it is, perhaps this is the wrong business to be in because a lot of people will already be successful and you will have a lot of competitions.

You should expect challenges but none of them should stop you because there are resources to help you overcome them. If you think about it, actually this business model is far simpler than any others. Not to mention that it involves almost no risk other than your time.

Most people can do it alone, at the comfort of their own home. It is to no surprise that after you have the traffic, even while you are having vacation, you will be making hundreds or thousands of dollars.

If scalability is your concern, don’t be. When you are at that level, you will have enough capital to hire ghostwriters or any other staffs to help you with any part of the business.

Remember that you are reaching the world wide market. This means you can always get more customers by buying ads, establish partnership with other blogs or sites, and so on. There are ample of rooms to grow even for a very popular blog.

A Shocking Truth as Closing Words

I’ll finish this post by revealing a secret. Believe it or not, most people will stop reading soon before this post is over. Some even roll their eyes because there’s nothing new in this post.

They are right. I always believe that to make money you have to stick to the basic principles. Find a way to satisfy a demand, but do it in a unique and interesting way that people pay attention and buy from you.

Nothing new, really. But it works. And it will always be. People who tend to look for the new technique cause themselves too much frustration.

Many people fall into the trap of trying it for a bit and then stop because obviously they see no result. Yes, they still expect overnight success, which misaligned with the underlying principle I mentioned above.

Don’t make the same mistakes. If this doesn’t work for you, most likely there is something wrong during the implementation. Find out what’s wrong and fix it. From my experience working with others, mindset is one big issue. It gets in any point of the business building process and you have to overcome it to be successful.

There are many ways to build a business but after years I still haven’t found any model that is better and with less capital to start with than the information publishing route.

If you haven’t yet got started, now is the time to do so. Don’t wait another day. Just get going. Overcome the challenges later as they come.

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