Why Does BlogBuildingU.com Disable Comments?

Why Does BlogBuildingU.com Disable Comments?I have pondered this for a long time, about the benefits and drawbacks of adding comments feature on BlogBuildingU.com. Yes, even before I started with the first post.

As of now, the decision is to formally disable commenting on all blog posts, although I may enable comments on a case-by-case basis, based on the nature of the blog post — if that requires feedback or encourages discussion, for instance.

Why do I apply this policy to this site? Isn’t it defeating the purpose of having a blog? At first, I felt strongly against the idea of going without comments, mainly because this site is about building a blog.

I realize that comments provide a great way to encourage interactivity among readers and with me, as the blogger. Disabling that feature certainly is a drawback.

However, here are some of my thoughts:

1. Time and Energy

Based on my experience running other blogs, comments can take quite a large chunk of my time to manage. That wastes energy that otherwise could be used to improve this site in a better direction.

The decision was not made solely on the concern about comment spam, although that certainly is a minor factor too.

While I would like to provide an information platform for all types of business bloggers, my customers are still my top priority. At least for now, it isn’t something I want to handle right now. There are other ways to participate and get support. More on this below.

2. Quality of the Site

My goal is to build high-quality site to help bloggers build a better blog. For that, I strive for certain standards of excellence. If I am to enable comments, I want to do it right.

I decided to use the other feedback and interaction forums and you can read more about them below.

3. Type of Content

Blog posts on this blog will mainly consist of articles and how to information. While I certainly could use the comments feature to get feedback, most of the comments will not be useful to general readers.

If a reader has problem specific to her hosting platform, for example, it may confuse other readers more than it helps.

Again, there are other ways to get support. If I have overlooked something, make a mistake in the blog post, etc., I am open to feedback. I may modify to the original post and post a linkback if necessary.

4. Discussion Boards as an Open Communication Platform

Users are free to join and participate in the discussion forum to talk about blogging. This is a great platform to interact with other fellow bloggers. For beginners, they could get help and better support for their answers too. I strongly believe an open forum is more appropriate for interaction.

When a reader posts in the forum, they may as well get help from other experienced bloggers as well. For this reason, it can even be better than comments.

I am and will be actively monitoring the forum. If there are discussions regarding a blog post on this site, I may modify the post based on the feedback in the forum.

5. Trackbacks and Pingbacks

I will enable trackbacks and pingbacks. Bloggers who link to any posts can use those features to extend the discussion on their blogs if they want.

This kind of interaction can reach more readers than in comments. Only a small percentage of people actually read comments, especially for the type of content like on this blog. Trackbacks and pingbacks usually promote more intensive discussions and debates.

6. Blog Ownership

After some thoughts, to encourage the blogging spirit, which is the main theme of this site, disabling comments may actually force the readers to start their own blog and use it to comment on anything on other blogs, including this one.

After all, if they are not here to learn how to build and grow a blog, why should they care to be here? Anyone should feel free to use the forum, trackbacks and pingbacks to continue discussions.

7. Personal and Business Contact

The support page (available at the top navigation bar) lists different methods to reach me personally or straight to the right department. Using it to reach me is more effective than blog comments.

Although I do think this is the best decision to make right now, I may change this policy in the future. It depends on the situation and as I see fit.

I understand that a small group of readers who are very active in using the comments feature will be disappointed with this decision. Personally, I hope those people will still continue to read this blog and rely on it for tips, trick, how to information and strategies to start and grow a business and niche blog.

For now, I have to do that to make better use of my time and energy.

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