Blog Marketing — Strategies That Will Change Your Business

Blog MarketingBlog marketing is a term used to describe the strategy that involves using a weblog as an online marketing vehicle. Businesses can use a blog to increase sales, increase brand awareness, build visibility, gather ideas for the next products, generate leads to maintain customer retention.

Beyond that, you can also tap into the power of blog without starting a blog. How you would use a blog depends on your business and marketing strategy.

See if any of these can help you grow your business:

  • Better communication with customers. Post news, industry events, or keep the customers updated about your company. Establish a dialog with them and use the feedback to make your company more customer centric.
  • A marketing platform to build your expert status. Share information and insights about a topic and build raving fans and loyal readers.
  • Represent a business transparently. If your business can take advantage of being transparent, you can benefit from blogging. More and more, people prefer to buy from someone they can talk to instead of a corporate entity. A blog can humanize the company.
  • Build buzz about business, brand or product. Your business can get in front of the audience regularly through a blog. This can be informational or entertaining. The idea it to get your brand out there.
  • Generate more sales. Through educational marketing, you can build interest and drive more sales naturally. You can also make use of the blogs to build buzz about your product. Software companies are able to increase sales by 100% or more just by giving free copies to bloggers, who in turn review it on their blogs.
  • Righting the wrong. When other bloggers talk about you or your company, you want to respond. This can be done on the comment section or on your own blog and use the trackback feature to make your post known to the original blogger.
  • Corporate internal uses. You can use a blog as project management or collaboration tool. Others have used it as a communication vehicle with their employees, of which they can submit feedback.

Here are some ways to harness the blog without starting one:

  • Establish relationships with the audience. You can still participate in the conversation without having a blog. Responding to questions and concerns from the customers can be important. Fix things before they go haywire.
  • Participate in conversations amongst bloggers. Bloggers may be interested in your business or products. Use their influence to communicate with their audience. There are more ways to contribute than sending a press release.
  • Garner market intelligence. Monitor what other bloggers are saying about you and your brand. You may also use the blogosphere to find out what people talk about your competitors.
  • Strategic product research. You can do extensive research in the blogosphere to find ideas for your next product. Your target audience is the market genius, so take advantage of it.

A blog, as simple as it can be, creates more opportunities for business. It will change your business whether you like it or not. The communication is going on, and you need to respond.

Start a blog, or use and participate through any other methods. You can’t afford to ignore it.

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