WordPress Plugins and Localizations

All of my effort to create WordPress plugins and localizations will be listed on this page.

BBU’s EzineArticles Search API Widget (ESAW)

If you want to display your most recent EzineArticles articles, or if you want to add relevant links on the sidebar for your blog, BBU’s EzineArticles Search API Widget allows you to search EzineArticles.com using the standard API calls and display results on the sidebar widget.

Once setup, this plugin will update the list of articles automatically so you don’t have to.

BBU’s RSS Feed Campaign Tagger (RFCT)

Marketers should know their numbers, but most bloggers and publishers are shooting in the dark when asked for conversions, i.e. sales or other goals, that come from RSS feed subscribers.

Use BBU’s RSS Feed Campaign Tagger (RFCT) to help you track Return on Investment (ROI) from your WordPress RSS feed. It readies your links for tracking with Google Analytics.

cformsII ID localization

cformsII is an awesome WordPress form generation tool. It supports contact form and also as a replacement for standard comment form. Of course, this is only useful to Indonesian fellows.

Visit the cforms ID localization page.

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