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Set Your Writing Ritual

If you haven’t done it yet, you should. Before you hit the pillow tonight, make a vow to do this.

It doesn’t matter if you only spend half an hour. Heck, don’t feel guilty even if you only write two paragraphs during that time, or even two sentences.

What you want to start is a ritual. Everybody started at zero.

The only thing you want to do is write. Come up with an idea and write.

Develop the flow. Try not to edit anything, even…

Give Before You Get

“When you go to a great hotel, sometimes you’ll look in the desk drawer and you’ll see some really nice, high-quality stationary, with the hotel’s name in gold leaf across the top,” Cialdini says. “But when I was at the Mandarin Oriental, I pulled out this stationary and my name was at the top. They had given me a gift that wasn’t designed to promote the hotel. It didn’t have their name on it — it had my name on…

A Day in the Life of a Blogger

With so many shiny objects, if you are like me, you should be distracted every few minutes. Even if you aren’t, who isn’t busy nowadays? The number of things to do seem to grow every day.

Since the first day you decide to blog, you are faced with endless challenges to produce more and better content, promote what you’ve produced and also keep everything running smoothly.

It is obvious that we bloggers need to prioritize. But it is easier said than done.…

An Evolving Blogger

It used to be that a blogger is just someone who wants to get their personal thoughts up on the Web or locally on their own experimental network.

Bloggers were people who like to write journals, but take it a step further to digitize those journals. Because they can. They were able to create quick tool that allowed them to click a few buttons and make the content instantly available online.

After all, most of them are techies. They hated it when…

Less Hard Drive Space = Less Frustration and Higher Productivity

Nowadays no matter how huge your hard drive is, you eventually are going to fill it up in the next few months.

I should know it for sure because I’m in this exact position for more than a decade.

Back then, when 1.2GB was a lot, and MP3 technology just got invented, soon I ripped all my audio CDs and saved them in digital format. Soon I needed to upgrade to 4.3 gigabytes hard drive. It went on and on.

The next purchase…

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