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How to Pick a Domain Name for Brand and Visibility

Choosing a Domain NameIt is no secret that people have very different standpoint when it comes to naming their blog.

Some bloggers are willing to spend a good amount, even go as far as hiring a consultant to help them come up with a name. These people realize the value of branding.

Others pick a name unscrupulously thinking that no one is going to type the domain right into the address bar.

The latter is quite shortsighted, I’d say. Before I get those hate emails, let…

Getting the Limelight – How Remarkable Bloggers Gain Recognition

Getting the LimelightThere is an ultimate fact called life. I bet you have noticed that the most qualified people do NOT always make it to the top. Despite what they may have brought to the world, at best they only have a small group of followers.

These followers may know what they have to offer, but beyond that, there is no media coverage. No word of mouth. No links. No nothing.

On the other hand, you have seen people who are mediocre at…

Pareto Principle in Blogging – More Time, Less Frustration

One of the books that has significantly impacted my way of thinking is The 80/20 Principle.

The name Pareto came from an Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto who studied about patterns of wealth and income around 1897. He found that the distribution of income was predictably unbalanced.

Turns out this principle not only applies to income distribution but also to almost everything in life. Every time I read — and reread it — I find something new that is as if not there…

Publishing Content Online – Which Mistakes Do You Make?

Publishing Content OnlineJust now before I started writing the title for this post, I forced myself to slow down a bit and thought about publishing content online. Not that I could not sit down and start writing immediately but there’s a thought that really disturbed me.

You see, nowadays, people are always on the move. Even when they are about to sleep, their mind is still wandering around. If you are passionate about your business, that may even become a ritual before you…

Filling the Content Pipeline with a Blog

Everyone hates marketing. After all, it is just heaps of unexpected interruptions, isn’t it? Every marketing piece is like shouting in your face trying to grab your attention.

It’s true, to some extent, if you associate marketing with certain type of advertising.

Marketing in reality is much more than advertising. In fact, every point of contact with your prospects or customers is marketing.

Now, here’s a good news.

Marketing doesn’t have to be such a dreaded word.

Let me introduce you to content marketing. Some people…

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