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Why You Should Stop Following a Blogging System

There’s always something great happening in ClickBank marketplace. Or if you follow enough internet marketing gurus out there to be aware of the trends of hot selling information products.

Almost always, a product that promises step by step system will sell much better than others which are merely informational or conceptual.

The reason is obvious. People are looking for a faster, predictable, and easy way to get to where they want from where they are right now. A blogging system, for instance,…

Plan? Which Plan?

Ask a blogger about his or her plan. If you get the answer like the title above, most people will freak out. How could people go somewhere without a plan?

In unfamiliar territory, you need a map, a GPS and other tools to help you navigate… and a plan to get you there. It just makes sense, if you want to make any progress, you should have a plan.

Right. Blogger needs a plan. But what’s a plan?

Business schools might teach you…

Is There Such Thing as Recession?

You know what. The key to building and growing a recession-proof business is to avoid negative comments about the economic situation.

If you read the paper, listen to the news, watch television, you will soon believe that the world is indeed in trouble. But it’s probably not what you think it is.

You see, media have an agenda. They want more people to watch, listen and read. And we all know that, dramatization is one precious technique that never fails.

Don’t get me…

Who Owns Your Blog?

As the blogger and domain name owner, without a doubt you own your blog, don’t you? But, really, do you?

I admit this is a bit unusual, but it is nevertheless important to think about.

In one way, you own your blog. I mean that it is your possession. You do whatever you like about it. That’s undeniable.

But at the same time, from the viewpoint of a site as a community, there are two facets to ponder.

I bet you have read it…

Pick Your Fighting Weapon

Take a look at any traffic blog or course. Chances are, you will get at least 10 independent strategies to add to your toolbox. From search engine optimization to pay per click, Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo, Hubpages, Digg, email list, you name it.

Isn’t it exciting just to imagine getting 100 visitors per day from each of the traffic “channels?” With 10 different channels, you get 1,000 visitors. Converting your traffic to sales at 1 percent means 10 sales per day.

At $97…

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