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Day 22 — More AdWords Tricks

Google AdWords LogoIn Day 22, based on the data you’ve got from advertising in Google AdWords, you adjust the Maximum Cost Per Click (Max CPC) accordingly, add and delete keywords and add conversion tracking, if you want to get a bit technical.

Rather than repeating what’s already in Thirty Day Challenge, allow me to broaden the discussion a bit. Let’s talk a bit about building an online business instead of money maker.

My approach to online business is a bit different from the Thirty…

Day 21 — Google AdWords Quality Score and Split Testing

Google AdWords LogoThe lesson for Day 21 includes adding more ad groups and split testing ads. Based on the principle in Day 20, you are going to take it one step further. In fact, it is the only thing that successful AdWords advertisers on a regular basis if they want to squeeze more out of their advertising campaign.

If you’ve heard about Google Slap, it has something to do with quality score. Recall from Day 21 that Google wants good user experience. There…

Day 20 — Google AdWords Basics

Google AdWords LogoGoogle AdWords is an independent topic of its own. If you have the budget, you can start testing a product or a niche in 10 minutes. That’s how powerful Google AdWords can be.

On the other hand, if you are not careful enough, you may shoot yourself in the foot. There were stories of people who wake up in one morning just to find that AdWords charged them thousands of dollars. Well, there are a lot of advertisers who are spending…

Day 19 — Traffic and the Maximum Edge Concept

Day 19 - Traffic and Maximum EdgeAlthough traffic is just one variable in the equation to create a successful business online, it is an important one. Assuming that everything is the same, the more traffic you have, the more business you get.

Ed Dale and the team are doing a great job in discovering a way to test a niche with natural search engine — which means anyone can spend zero dollar if they don’t want to spend money — to jump start a business.

Although the system…

Day 18 — Decision Day (The “D” Day)

Day 18 - Decision DayDecision day is coming. With the free promotion that you’ve done so far, your blog should have traffic. How many visitors you get on a daily basis depends on many factors. If your chosen micro niche has little competition, you may be able to rank quite well in Google in only a few days and traffic may come quickly.

However, for some people, it takes a few days just to have their site indexed. After it, if the keyword is relatively…

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