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How to Choose WordPress Layouts (Themes) in 7 Simple Steps

Choosing WordPress Layouts / ThemesNot all WordPress layouts (themes) are created the same. I’ve seen it before how much impact a theme switch can be. It had increased search engine visibility of some blogs to the point that they got a significant increase in traffic from search overnight.

Most importantly, good WordPress theme is able to make your web site or blog more usable, which increases engagements and conversions.

As they are different in one way or another, care should be taken when choosing a blog…

WP-Sandbox — WordPress Virtual Appliance

WordPress LogoVirtual appliance is a new way to test and deploy web applications quickly. With the advanced in desktop computer technology, it is now possible to run virtual machines on desktop. WP-Sandbox (WordPress Sandbox) is my pilot project to bring WordPress to more users, theme and plugin developers.

I’ve been wanting to create one for some time, mainly because I like to hack around, but also because there is a demand out there.

So, before proceeding further, what the heck is virtual appliance?


Hardening Existing WordPress Installation

Hardening WordPressIn the last installment, you’ve learned how to install WordPress securely from scratch. Now what should you do after it? Or, what could you do to harden your existing WordPress installation? This post has a few ideas for you.

It is worth reiterating that security is like a chain. It is only as weak as its weakest link. In other words, you should implement all of these tips, if at all possible unless you know the consequences and work around them.


WordPress Security — How to Install WordPress Securely

WordPress SecurityWordPress without a doubt is the most popular blog software exists on the market right now and recently people have been using it not only to setup a blog but also manage web site content. WordPress comes with the popular 5-minute installation process and that partly contributes to the success, I believe.

However, out of the box, WordPress installation can do much better when it comes to WordPress security. I suppose they have to limit the number of options available during…

WordPress Security — Concerns and General Advice for Prevention

WordPress SecurityA search in National Vulnerability Database for the term wordpress revealed very interesting statistics. Over the years, WordPress has increasing number of vulnerabilities, from 2 in 2004 to 63 in 2007.

Although it is an apple to orange comparison, because WordPress is usually compared head to head with Drupal and Joomla, here is a comparison table showing statistical data of those content management systems:

Platform 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
WordPress 2 13 21 63 58
Drupal 0 8 37 39 79
Joomla - 4 70 76 117

From the table above, you notice that the more complex CMS solutions have larger number of vulnerabilities in recent…

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