A Day in the Life of a Blogger

With so many shiny objects, if you are like me, you should be distracted every few minutes. Even if you aren’t, who isn’t busy nowadays? The number of things to do seem to grow every day.

Since the first day you decide to blog, you are faced with endless challenges to produce more and better content, promote what you’ve produced and also keep everything running smoothly.

It is obvious that we bloggers need to prioritize. But it is easier said than done. You may jump from one time management system to another. Or switch perspectives too. Now rather than trying to manage time, you try to manage actions.

Does that help? Sure, but it doesn’t solve everything. You still find yourself falling off the bandwagon every so often. It may be easy to jump back on, but is the bandwagon even heading in the right direction?

After more than 7 years of blogging, of which 4 of them as a professional blogger, I discovered and refined the process. Doing this, you could only see your blog growing every day.

Here are the activities you must include in your blogging:

  1. Content production. Blogging is about writing — or recording if your are using audio or video — and publishing new and good content. Good is subjective, but it always means what the readers want to consume.
  2. Blog promotion. Even if it is as easy as writing one short article for submitting into article directories, you should always do one thing to get the word out about your blog.
  3. Administrative tasks. Check email, update your blog software, organize your blog ideas, reply to comments and so on.

Depends on many things, each point above may take longer than others but your primary focus should be on content production and promotion. This is not to say that administrative tasks are not important because they indeed matter, but both content production and promotion are the engine and fuel that make your blog run.

When it comes to content promotion, make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself with too many strategies to do at once. I suggest picking one strategy and then try to get the most out of it.

If it is guest blogging, your blog promotion activities should involve networking or talking to at least one blogger each day. Also write quality posts and offer other bloggers to publish them.

Your success depends on your execution. That’s why not everyone is a successful blogger, even if they follow the same advice, read the same book, start a blog in the same niche, have the same experience and background.

That may be an oversimplistic version but it should cover everything necessary to get your blog rolling. If you could integrate them as routines, that could be even better because you ensure to get things done and moving forward every day.

So spend time planning your day, will you?

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