An Evolving Blogger

It used to be that a blogger is just someone who wants to get their personal thoughts up on the Web or locally on their own experimental network.

Bloggers were people who like to write journals, but take it a step further to digitize those journals. Because they can. They were able to create quick tool that allowed them to click a few buttons and make the content instantly available online.

After all, most of them are techies. They hated it when they had to repeatedly edit a template, add content, update the links and menu, fire up FTP program, find the right directory, and upload the file. Imagine how cumbersome these were if you had to do it five times a day. Everyday.

Blogger as we knew a few years ago was quite different. She was a professional who researched what she was about to write. She produced high quality content for public consumption. She built followers and fans. She used a blog as a launching pad for a book deal. She sold virtual real estate on her blog to interested parties so they could place blocks of ads there.

Blogging, again since a few years ago, has become a business. If you think about it, it becomes another word for web publishing — with a twist in different places. You could think about these twists as development in the web publishing industry.

Nowadays, bloggers are much different than before. They are now more social than ever.

Rather than waiting for the readers to comment, they could now solicit feedback in real time. They could throw questions out and wait for answers in seconds. They interact with others in real time conversations.

Becoming a successful blogger, in my opinion, needs continuous effort to grow. A blogger should not be too attached with a medium, an activity, a profession or a strategy.

You should only aim for the end result. That may turn you into a non blogger — as others would say it — but that doesn’t matter at all.

I always remind people that a blog — WordPress — is just a tool. A powerful one that allows you to automate and build a diverse type of web sites. If that no longer makes you and me a blogger, I don’t care.

In fact, the audience doesn’t care at all. They only want to know what you could do to help them with their problems. They only want your site to be loaded with useful content. Not any type of content, but high quality substance that relates to them well as if you create it just for them.

If they could get back to you, comment, and interact with you, those may hook them and make them come back for more.

Stick to the underlying principles. Deliver what people want. Be a leader. Use the right tool to engage and empower users to build your brand and/or make buying decision.

See how this strategy changes your business, as it has already changed mine.

Comments? Or do you have any experience that is different? Could you say it better? Share anything in the comments area below.

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