Is There Such Thing as Recession?

You know what. The key to building and growing a recession-proof business is to avoid negative comments about the economic situation.

If you read the paper, listen to the news, watch television, you will soon believe that the world is indeed in trouble. But it’s probably not what you think it is.

You see, media have an agenda. They want more people to watch, listen and read. And we all know that, dramatization is one precious technique that never fails.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that there never is such thing as recession. But depends on your perspective, that might be true.

It’s a fact that people are spending more carefully, both for business and personal matter. Economy may slow down, but only in certain markets. Think of it as a declining market.

Almost few months I still read about a new movie that hits a new box office record. Concerts that were sold long before the show. New cars hit the road. Some people are buying new houses. They also go for a vacation, even more often, than ever before.

I also happen to know people who buy all sorts of products and services related to building and growing online business.

The market shifts in recession. People have less buying power. That may be true. But one thing for sure is that they never stop spending too.

Recession means it is time to innovate. Web publishers and information marketers have the advantage because more people will demand information. They perform more due diligence before buying.

Change your strategy. Strengthen your marketing muscles.

Recession or not, that what you should do. Recession doesn’t always mean that every business must be declining. So if you stop listening to news tonight and instead work on your business, you may walk out claiming that recession didn’t affect you in any sense.

That would be a proud accomplishment in anyone’s book.

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