Pick Your Fighting Weapon

Take a look at any traffic blog or course. Chances are, you will get at least 10 independent strategies to add to your toolbox. From search engine optimization to pay per click, Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo, Hubpages, Digg, email list, you name it.

Isn’t it exciting just to imagine getting 100 visitors per day from each of the traffic “channels?” With 10 different channels, you get 1,000 visitors. Converting your traffic to sales at 1 percent means 10 sales per day.

At $97 a pop, you make close to $1,000. From one site. Rinse and repeat, and you’re packing your way to the beach and stay there forever.

This story sells. Explore ClickBank, especially the Money & Employment and Marketing & Ads categories. You’ll see a pattern. A story that eventually leads to financial freedom. A house and a luxury car.

Now please get this. People are making a killing online. Internet is a platform and media of which each business should take advantage of. It is even affordable to anyone without huge budget.

Blog is a good example. If you have a few bucks, you can start a blog on your own domain–with your own brand and everything.

But when it comes to blog promotion, it is exactly like picking your fighting weapon. If you haven’t yet mastered the sword, don’t try to pick a spear and use it at the same time. That will get you no where.

Instead, use a sword until it becomes a second nature. By then, you have enough fighting skills that you can pick up a spear and cut the learning curve in half or less.

While using a traffic strategy, you are also building your content over time. When it is time to pick another one, now you have all the content you could leverage. Things will be much easier.

“How does the outcome compare?” I hear you ask.

Good question. When you focus, you are more likely to get traffic faster. That’s because you exhaust all the tactics in one strategy before you expand.

In article marketing, for instance, you could write 2 articles a day and get a few visitors. But have you tried 20 articles per day? How will that affect your traffic level? How quicker could you churn out articles one month from now?

I’ve also talked about not being able to grow a tree in a day. You can’t force your site to the first page in Google overnight. It takes time to achieve that.

But you can always diversify your inbound links. Find more places to contribute and get more backlinks. Most people fail to take enough action. That’s why focusing on a strategy is important.

You’ll know it when you get a hold of something and ready to pick another weapon.

Read the blog promotion page to get my own traffic strategies that drive, as of this writing, at least 100,000 visitors to my network of blogs every month without fail.

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