Plan? Which Plan?

Ask a blogger about his or her plan. If you get the answer like the title above, most people will freak out. How could people go somewhere without a plan?

In unfamiliar territory, you need a map, a GPS and other tools to help you navigate… and a plan to get you there. It just makes sense, if you want to make any progress, you should have a plan.

Right. Blogger needs a plan. But what’s a plan?

Business schools might teach you how to create comprehensive business plan, with tens, or even hundreds of pages. Including as part of it is projection for the next one, three, five and ten years.

In an ideal world, you have all sorted out and planned on paper. Then you do the first step. And another. And another. Nothing gets in the way. Everything goes smoothly.

But unfortunately that never is the case in real life–in any market. The world is of massive uncertainty.

You may think your next blog post is going to spread like viral, but only a few links flow back to your blog… Even those links are from blogs run by content scrapers who steal your content from RSS feed.

Plugins may stop working all of a sudden because of server side upgrades. You may accidentally delete some files during the upgrade process of your WordPress–or any blog software you happen to use.

Sh*t happens. You can’t be right at all times.

Stop making plans. I mean, if you insist on predicting the growth of your blog for the next five or ten years, forget it.

Instead write down on a piece of paper what you’d like to achieve for the next 12 months. Include strategy and action plans. Every week, assess your improvement. Have a concrete plan for the next week and take massive actions.

Learn as you go. Ask any blogger, they will tell you how different the original plan was compared to which direction the blog is heading forward. You will learn new things and find new (and better) directions.

So just get started anyway.

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