Set Your Writing Ritual

If you haven’t done it yet, you should. Before you hit the pillow tonight, make a vow to do this.

It doesn’t matter if you only spend half an hour. Heck, don’t feel guilty even if you only write two paragraphs during that time, or even two sentences.

What you want to start is a ritual. Everybody started at zero.

The only thing you want to do is write. Come up with an idea and write.

Develop the flow. Try not to edit anything, even grammar and typos when typing. Those come during the editing session.

Create a structure. At first, your writing may be all over the place. That is expected, but try a different approach. Create a structure, the points, or numbered list first before writing.

Writing any topic from scratch can be hard. Expounding one to two paragraphs on every point independently is easy. Before you know, you already have a complete article in front of you.

Practice. That’s how I was able to write 20 articles per day in as little as 3 hours. And did it for 3 consecutive months without fail.

I write less articles nowadays, but I still do my ritual every day for e-course and my product content.

That works. You may not believe me. But name a writer or copywriter. Dan Kennedy. John Carlton. Clayton Makepeace. Gary Bencivenga.

All of them still write every day to keep themselves sharp. Even the retired Gary still read and write copy every day.

The secret to writing faster is to write more. I couldn’t give you a secret of top copywriter, because I am not one, but if you are just getting started, make it a habit to write. It is going to help you become more productive as a blogger and info marketer.

Accept no excuse. Set a time during the day when you do nothing but write. Do it for a month and see how much difference you’ll make. I believe you wouldn’t want to look back.

Here’s more about blog content, if you are interested about how to develop a structure for your writing and quickly create content. If you are struggling with getting people to click and read your article, you will get boilerplate for titles too.

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5 Responses to “Set Your Writing Ritual”
  1. This is great advice. Too often people wait until they are inspired before they begin writing but the truth is that if we discipline ourselves to write even when we are not inspired then the inspiration will come as a result. Great advice here for writers. Very good stuff.

  2. Hendry Lee says:

    Great to know you find it a good advice.

  3. Mark Bohart says:

    Thanks for all the tips.I’ll use them until it all becomes natural.

  4. aramide says:

    i think its nice but do you know about copywritng

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