Retrospective Free Premium WordPress Theme

Retrospective* is a free premium-looking WordPress theme (Support for other blog platforms coming soon). Rather than focusing on the graphical elements, it strives for simplicity and usability. After all, content is still the reason why people come to your blog, so the design has to support that instead of taking over their attention.

A screenshot is available at the end of the page…

More Benefits and Features

Unlike others, all you need to do is plug this theme into your WordPress theme directory, upload your logo and manage the sidebar and 3-column footer entirely through the Dashboard.

Restropsective WordPress theme is:

  • Widget Ready. This includes the sidebar and the fat footer (3 columns).
  • Fixed Width. Sidebar wide enough to put two columns of 125×125 ads plus some spaces.
  • Two Columns. (Any demand for three columns?)


The CSS, XHTML and design as a package is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3.

Required Plugins

This theme doesn’t require any specific plugin, but if you want to display ads, download ad manager that supports WordPress widget. That way you can use the Dashboard to manage the display of the ads on the sidebar automatically.

Tested Browser and WordPress Version

This theme has been tested in Internet Explorer (6 and 7), Opera and Firefox.

I also tested it with WordPress 2.8.

Retrospective v0.9.1: Download (58Kb)


  1. Download Retrospective theme above
  2. Put it in your wp-content/themes directory
  3. If you want to display a logo, put a file logo.gif in the images directory in the retrospective theme folder. The size of your logo is up to you but a provided example is 295×75 but it isn’t hardcoded in the theme).
  4. Activate it via the Dashboard in Design → Themes
  5. Goto Design → Widgets and customize the widgets. The first sidebar is for the right sidebar, while the second to forth sidebars are the footers (left, middle and right, respectively)


Retrospective Screenshot


Version 0.8 (09/26/2008)

  • First public release

Version 0.9 (09/30/2008)

  • Display tags for post in the home page beside in additional to the single page.
  • Change the license from Creative Commons Attribution (CCA) 3.0 to GNU General Public License 3.0.

Version 0.9.1 (06/15/2009)

  • Clean up the syntax.
  • Tested with WordPress 2.8.

*) The theme Retrospective has nothing to do with the term. Just something that I came up with, and it is the name of the pub I frequent with friends.

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