A Tour of the Dashboard and Members Area — TDC Preseason Week 2

You need to login before you can access the members area of the Thirty Day Challenge. A tip: It doesn’t have a feature to remember your password so make sure you have the information handy all the time. Choose password that is secure and easy to remember.

After successful login, you will be landing in the Dashboard, where you can see the pre-season training.

The archive training for the 2007 Challenge will be (as of this writing, already be) taken down to make sure all the participants focus on this year training. It is not the scarcity thing or any marketing ploy.

You will also find your personal tracking link to invite friends to TDC. Winners who have the most credits will win some cool stuff — also qualify you for a free Immediate Edge membership.

At the bottom of the page is the syndication of the latest blog posts from the TDC blog.

On the sidebar are a few links:

  • TDC Stats Tracker. Tracking tool that was used since last year.
  • WordTracker GTrends. A cool service from WordTracker that combines the keyword research with Google Trends graphs.
  • Download the Toolbar. Will be demonstrated later when installing Flock’s extension.
  • Subscribe to the blog feed. Demonstrated in the previous video when installing and setting up Flock.
  • A link to download Flock. If you haven’t installed that yet — it will be the browser for this year’s TDC.

Click the link to proceed to the Preseason page.

Thirty Day Challenge (TDC) Lessons Screen

As we progress in TDC, one by one the boxes will open and link to a new lesson. Click on any of the box to go to the lesson, but please take it in the right order.

On the upper left side of the lesson page is a YouTube streaming video. If there is a weekly preseason show, it will be available for download right below the streaming video. Otherwise the streaming would be the video of current lesson. The upper right side displays the link to High Definition and Standard Definition of the lesson videos available for download.

Tips: The HD version is superb in quality but larger in size. This is suitable for viewing in your computer or Apple TV. You can download the SD version faster, the quality is still fine but not as good as the HD version.

Thirty Day Challenge Preseason Lesson page

Below the streaming video is the notes of the video. It is short of the absolute minimum you need to do if you don’t watch the video. (Shameless plug: if you want a more complete version of the summary, I’m going to blog about it and make available to the forum and my blog.)

The icon that says Click Here to add Ed Dale’s expertise to your Google web searches is not something to worry about right now. Later lesson will reveal what it is, but feel free to click and try it out.

There are also links to important URLs mentioned in the video and other links as well. If you like the page, feel free to Stumble it or bookmark to del.icio.us or Propeller.

Finally the FriendFeed displays the latest items from Ed’s feed. It took two months for Ed to finally figure out why FriendFeed is so important, and we are going to get this for free in later lesson and during the TDC training in August 2008.

TDC is doing some publicity this year. If you think you can help, contact Pete Williams (also known as Preneur in Twitter) at 30DC [at] preneurmarketing.com. TDC is looking for two groups of people to join the inaugural 30DC Street Team.

  1. Publicity Hounds. If you have any relationship with the real-world media like radio, print and TV all across the globe, you can help spread the words about TDC.
  2. Book Worms. The Thirty Day Challenge has grown into the biggest Internet Marketing program held online, and people at TDC is going to turn it into a book and make it the biggest selling Internet Marketing book of all time. If you are in the book publishing game, you can help too. Contact Pete at the email above.

A very important part of TDC is the forum. Use the same user name and password that you use to enter the members area. Click on the Remember Me button so you don’t have to do it repeatedly.

Important: You should not use the Private Message feature to contact Ed (and possibly Dan too). Use Twitter instead.

The forum can be a little bit overwhelming. If you find it so, focus on the lessons first. It is a great place to hang out but it has a lot of information.

Tips: Use the search function to locate forum threads to make sure others didn’t have the same problems (and perhaps found a solution yet.) Use the New Posts to see discussions new to your since the last time you logged in.

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