Day 10 — Officially a Rest Day (Play Catch-Up)

After ten days, this is the first official rest day. If you are still behind, it is time to play catch-up. Otherwise, just enjoy the day.

With several promotions taking place yesterday, now you should check to see if your blog starts to be indexed in Google, Yahoo or other search engines.

The site: operator is useful for this. It works in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

If you see one or more entries in the search result, congratulations, you are in Google’s index now. You may not rank for your particular keyword yet, but that is certainly a great start.

It may be too early in the game to rank well for your targeted micro-niche keyword, but it can’t hurt if you search for the keyword, both in phrase-matched and broad-matched search, in Google. Who knows your page is up there in the first or second page of search result pages (top 10 – 20).

In certain cases if the pages in the search result for your particular keyword have little to no authority, with no on-page optimization at all, you may be able to rank on the first or second page immediately after getting indexed.

Up until Day 10, I’d say that Ed Dale and his team behind the Thirty Day Challenge has done a great job to deliver the system. While this can be sped up a bit, the learning experience is incomparable.

I even picked a few niche research methods that I could use for my future projects too.

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