Day 12 — Create a Hub in HubPages

HubPages LogoHubPages is another Web 2.0 property that works much like Squidoo. Although HubPages is better according to some marketers, being the first is an important marketing strategy. Often that makes the name a household name. This is certainly an interesting marketing lesson in an by itself. However, that’s not the purpose of this post.

First off, what is a Hub?

A Hub is a rich web page that you write and design. Each time you want to write another article, you’ll create another Hub. It’s just like in a website, which has multiple web pages. You have the capability to add text, pictures, videos, and links in your Hub.

In Thirty Day Challenge, HubPages is used as a way to drive qualified traffic to your main ranking vehicle, i.e. your blog.

Compared to Squidoo, HubPages are strict on the rules. They don’t allow any Bub owner to put more than a few links to the same site. That includes links from RSS feed. If the majority of the links are to one site, it is presumed that you are trying to promote a web site blatantly.

While promotion is allowed, you should only include one link instead or three or more.

The link from HubPages is nofollow when your Hub is new, but because of its authority, it often raises to the first page of search engine result pages, especially Yahoo.

Even if it remains nofollow, traffic to HubPages could benefit you as well, because you have included a link in a strategic place. If the visitors click, you may get highly qualified traffic as the result.

The good news is, after some time, the nofollow attribute will be dismissed. As long as you produce unique and high quality information, the link in your Hub will be dofollow over time. My link gets out of nofollow in two days.

HubPages is constantly working to provide good user experience. Content that can be found entirely in many other places, one that adds little value may be flagged noindex and nofollow. The former means your Hub won’t be indexed by search engines.

A Hub serves as a place to pre-sell the visitors by giving away good information. Think of it as a way to build credibility and establish authority in certain niche topic. When the readers visit your site, they will become more open to what you have to say, even if you are recommending a product.

Again, it is important to comply with HubPages. If you fail to do that, your page may be taken down in less than 24 hours from the time you publish it.

The link contains within may be nofollow at first, but if you approach it correctly as a way to drive qualified traffic, you are going to benefit from this platform.

Remember that HubPages leverage the site-wide backlinks so it is more likely to rank than your new blog. Moreover, it may be the ticket to help you dominate the first page in search engine listings. If your blog page is number 1, perhaps Squidoo and HubPages might get the second and third rankings.

No guarantee though, but at least it is a great way to build your online presence.

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