Day 14 — Posting to Tumblr? Or Not?

Tumblr LogoThirty Day Challenge finally decided to skip Day 14. That gives the fellow challengers more time to catch up and do more of whatever they’ve been taught to do. Day 14 was actually about Tumblr, but like in 2007, Tumblr disabled / banned accounts created by 30 Day Challenge participants once again.

The reason behind this is inappropriate content that is against their terms of use. Like last year, a lot of people go frantic.

What’s my stand on this? Perhaps, to your surprise, I stand behind Tumblr. That will always be the case.

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing with Ed Dale and the team. They are doing an awesome job there, and to tell the truth, I’m proud to be the official provider for the cliff notes.

The thing is, many people approach building a business and making money online as something that could happen overnight.

Rants about Making Money Online

First, there are people who cynically think the whole challenge is a hoax. If the system works, why doesn’t they make a million dollar yet, like other “gurus”?

Thanks to the overaggressive marketers, people actually believe money comes out of thin air online. Sometimes it can be very hard to change one’s opinion. Just look at the industry. Almost everyone has been scammed — although the proper word may be deceived — one way or another a couple of times.

People keep buying e-book upon e-book on making money through survey, mystery shopping, becoming and affiliate, you name it. The thought about working from the beach and passive income is just too good to miss.

Many people realize about it later and then countermeasure the idea of making money online in an extreme way. They begin bashing other people’s products as if all of them are crap. I bet you’ve read somebody else’s opinions about the next one-thousand-dollar product as nothing but rehearsal of existing information.

Well, if you have run any business, either offline or online, you should know that sometimes although we already know something, it is the tidbits from here and there are the ones that make a difference.

Just because you’ve tried one thing in the past but didn’t succeed doesn’t mean there is no way to make it a home run. Sometimes a tiny adjustment of the approach is the only thing needed.

There is nothing wrong with making money online, but stick with the business economics. Supply and demand. If you provide something useful and satisfy a demand, you are going to make money. Of course, you need to make the product or service available to the right market cost effectively.

Scammers will still be able to make money online, as they are in the offline world. There is no such thing as an online business, to tell the truth. It is just a business that is using the Internet as the media, just like tv or newspapers. There is no tv business.

And the Point is…

Ed repeatedly emphasizes on quality of content, but if you search around, there are people who claim the follow the system to the “T” but when you look at what they do, they are posting junk and polluting the Internet.

They are pissing into the well they are going to drink from. Great idea? You tell!

No matter how good the filter is, in this case Google, social media, and other services that provide us with cleaner result or content, they are still one or several steps behind. It helps if people stop spamming the Web!

I know, some people write great quality content and post it on Tumblr, but mistakes do happen sometimes…

Tumblr Says No! So What?

If Tumblr says no, then no. Why should anyone argue with Tumblr?

As a home owner, you are not to be told how you should run it, the rule and so on. I have been a Tumblr user for some time, although I’m not active in it, part of it just using it to syndicate my Twitter account. However, I never have a problem with it at all.

Tumblr has strong opinion against certain type of content and in turn disable accounts. It is just life. You delete emails in your account, both from spammers and ethical marketers, without thinking too. Although it is not an exact apple to apple comparison, I also find there is no reason to be upset at all.

If you are building a business online using the content model, just like what TDC teaches, you should begin thinking and acting like a publisher and/or writer.

In offline world, you write an article and send to a magazine or trade journal. If they like what they see, they will run your article. Otherwise, keep looking for publications who are willing to publish your article.

It is comparable to the online world. Using Squidoo and Hubpages, publishers can create content for free and leverage other people’s authority to reach their audience. It is a good thing, but you can’t expect people to read a magazine that is full of crap. The magazine publisher is still responsible for quality, and even if your article is the best of all, they still have the rights to refuse it.

Whatever the reason is, just move to the next publication. Approach other bloggers or web site owners. Deal with them so you can write regularly and steal their traffic legally.

It is also important that your content provides value. Building a business is hard work. Rarely you can get away with low quality products. When using the content model, your content is the product, so strive for the best.

What Should You Do?

Thirty Day Challenge is a system and every year the strategy changes. You should too. When something doesn’t work, try something else.

It is important that you are flexible. Understanding how the business works online can help a lot. If you understand link building, there should be no problem at all. Tumblr is just a site that TDC uses to get a backlink. I bet you know a site that doesn’t have a single mention, let alone a link, in Tumblr but they are still very successful.

Recall in previous days that the training recommended you to participate actively in forums. Look, at this point, no one is posting to the same forum. The whole point is, no one is suppose to do everything the same way. If one link building strategy stops working, try something else, but do it in a way that build your credibility.

I think I have enough of my rant today. I rarely post such a thing on my blog. Consider this an exception. I saw the flood of posts in forum whining about Thirty Day Challenge. Rest assured though, it will always work, with or without Tumblr.

And Tumblr is doing what they think they should do to keep their site’s quality.

Case closed.

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