Day 16 — Article Writing and EzineArticles Submission

EzineArticles LogoDay 16 in Thirty Day Challenge has a special place in my heart. Since 2005, I’ve been an active article writer and marketer. Back then, I really struggled with this one. It took me at least 4 hours just to finish a 300-word article. I didn’t know what it was about me, but it happened.

Those days are long gone though and now I’m regularly writing 10-20 articles every single day, not including updating this blog and contributing to other blogs as a guest blogger.

Building Your Link Network with EzineArticles, and More!

In Thirty Day Challenge, EzineArticles is just one way to get backlinks to your blog. In Week 2, all of the modules are about building a strong link network, which contribute to the authority of your blog or site.

However, I’m here to tell you that if you haven’t ranked very well yet on Google for your micro-niche keyword, you can rely on EzineArticles to send you 200 visitors quickly, if you follow my formula.

It takes some work, but as far as I can tell, it is very rewarding. Once you have written your articles, they are there to work for you 24/7. Well, to tell the truth, if your article doesn’t rank well within search engines, they are going to drive you less traffic than when it is still new.

The Purposes of Submitting to EzineArticles

Besides getting backlinks, consider a few of these options., as of this writing, ranks the top 300 most high traffic web sites online. The majority of its traffic comes from search engines and RSS feed subscription. Google certainly thinks this site has some authorities across many niches.

Perhaps you have noticed that too, when researching your niche and looking for competitions in the search engine result pages, you might notice a few entries from EzineArticles. Like social media sites, they often rank higher than new site pages.

Based on this fact, you should tap into its power by writing keyword specific articles. That way, hopefully, you are going to rank well on search engines and start getting traffic to those articles.

Even if you don’t rank well, traffic from EzineArticles may still be worth it. You may get a few hundreds views in a week if your article has good information and that can help you reach your traffic goal for Thirty Day Challenge. Stealing traffic has never been so easy, yet legal!

There is still two things to solve though. How do you get people to click and read your article? And how do you convert those article readers to traffic to your site?

Getting People to Read Your Article

This is a big one. Although you may have very good quality information in the article, it is just an exercise in futility unless you have people read your articles and take action.

The first and perhaps the only thing people would see in your article is the title. Ideally, everyone should read your article first before deciding if it is of any good. However, in the world where we are bounded with time, this is not possible.

In Ezine Articles, prospective readers usually scan through a category looking for articles, or use the search function. Whatever it is, they make a decision based on the article title.

If you are able to make them interested, they are going to click and read. The key is to offer one or at most two most compelling benefits or make the readers curious about the information you have in your article.

Converting Readers to Site Traffic

Most article directories disallow promotion in the article content. Articles should be purely informational, but resource box or author bio section is an appropriate place to sell. Just because you can sell doesn’t mean you must do that though.

I’ve seen it every day. Article writers list their sites or sell their products immediately in the resource box area. That works to a certain extent, especially if the traffic that you get are from people who come through search engines using the product name as the keyword phrase. Those people usually are ready to buy, but they are looking for reviews or compare prices.

If you are able to pre-sell them a bit, they are buying in no time. However, not all traffic is the same. People who visit your site may still be looking for information and not yet ready to buy.

The secrets to successful article marketing and converting readers to site traffic are as follow:

  1. Make the transition between the end of the article and resource box as smooth as possible. You don’t want to make it obvious that they are at the end. Make them read your resource box as if you still have something to say. Usually you can start a resource box with a question. That’s my favorite. However, you may also use active verbs to draw people in.
  2. Make an offer the readers can’t refuse. If they read until the end of the article, offer them something, sort of complement to what they are reading right now. Most of them will take that, especially if you are offering more free information at your site.
  3. Include call to action. Don’t presume that people know what you want them to do. Remember that in article directories, you are competing with other article titles and ads on the same page. You must make your link the most compelling one to click. Offer them benefits and ask / invite them to visit your site.

That’s it. Every one of your article is a process. You must lead the readers from the title to the first paragraph, and then the next, and so on, and finally invite them to your site within the resource box.

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