Day 17 — Checking Blog Ranking (Rest Day)

Rest day is a great day to play catch up. With more lessons that are already available to you, you can progress at your own pace and finish a few days worth of the challenge in a day.

Over the last week, you have used various Web 2.0 sites to drive inbound links back to your blog. The purpose it to get your links into sites that are already visited by Google. When the search engine spiders find the links, they will follow and go to your site pages.

Usually that means getting indexed and included into their database.

You may check if your site is already indexed by using a simple site: operator.

If it’s already there, you should consider checking the ranking of your page in the search engine result pages using the main keyword phrase that you target during the Thirty Day Challenge.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Manual search. The manual method involves going through the search result and look for your domain. You can set the preferences in Google to display 100 results at a time. That makes the search process extremely easy. Just search once and locate your domain within the listing. If it is beyond 100, there is little point in searching anyway.
  2. Automatic method. Software and services are available to do this. Some of them allow you to monitor your keywords regularly. Google Rankings is an example of automatic ranking checker.

There is no point in wasting more time because it is rest day, so enjoy it!

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