Day 18 — Decision Day (The “D” Day)

Day 18 - Decision DayDecision day is coming. With the free promotion that you’ve done so far, your blog should have traffic. How many visitors you get on a daily basis depends on many factors. If your chosen micro niche has little competition, you may be able to rank quite well in Google in only a few days and traffic may come quickly.

However, for some people, it takes a few days just to have their site indexed. After it, if the keyword is relatively competitive, traffic from search engines may still be very limited.

I know a lot of people, including myself, who target a broader long tail keyword for long-term feasibility of the niche. If we are to build a business, teenage sport shoes in Atlanta is a niche, but used Michael Jordan Olympic shoes is not broad enough to create a business, especially if you are looking for long term business.

Thirty Day Challenge 2008 didn’t pay attention to this factor a lot. The whole idea focuses on testing on a niche but if you can expand the keyword to include a wide range of content, that can really help.

Building an authority site is the way to go nowadays… Small enough to dominate, but resourceful as a standalone site.

Confused About Profitability of Your Niche?

If you haven’t generated a sale, it doesn’t always mean the niche is not profitable. The first factor, of course, is traffic. Not all traffic is the same though.

Reading from my previous posts, you should now understand that usually long tail keywords are more specific and have higher commercial value. Still, you should remember that in certain niches, there will be more free information seekers than buyers.

Turning visitors into customers often takes more than just traffic and a link to affiliate program. While the sales letter of the affiliate product may do its job to convert traffic, often the traffic is still in the early process of research. Combining your strategy with regular blog posts and email marketing, for example, can be really helpful.

There is a big misunderstanding when it comes to profitability in Thirty Day Challenge. Ed and the team make it sounds like you can test profitability of your niche by using one keyword and a few affiliate products.

Earlier in the challenge, Ed mentioned about magazines and other indications of a profitable niche. The existence of hot selling products is a surefire sign that the niche is profitable. Period.

Building a profitable business is an entirely different thing though. For that, you need access to cheap traffic so you pay less than what you generate in profit. A solid business also has back-end strategy and a whole range of marketing and advertising strategies.

This is something where Thirty Day Challenge can improve on, or at least elaborate more about, in my opinion. Giving a niche a no go because of just one keyword and a few affiliate products is far from a good decision.

The problem is, picking the right keyword can’t be done based on numbers. If you pick free guitar lessons, I bet you won’t get more sales than people who are looking for a commercial guitar lessons. That doesn’t mean the niche is not profitable. If you give up the niche because of this, it is a very bad move.

If you really like the topic, you may build a site, drive traffic through tens of different ways rather than just one method, and even worse, one keyword.

When you found one or several good selling products in ClickBank, for instance, you know the niche is profitable. Thinking about ways to move the visitors closer to the buying decision is the next thing. I personally think enjoying what you do is more important than getting fast result.

Approach It with a Business Mindset

In this decision day, it is important to approach the whole thing from a business perspective. If you have decided to go into the shoe business, you don’t jump to a guitar business the next week because you can.

To tell the truth, this is one of the reasons why people never make it big in the business, whatever it is. Some people are generating side income with AdWords and affiliate programs, but then move to craigslist, site flipping and so on. However, there are people who are making millions using AdWords alone.

Making an existing business bigger and generate 10 times more profits is easier than doing 1/10 of it in 10 niches.

There is more than one way to market a product and there is far more than one keyword for a niche. Focusing on the long tail keywords to get search engine traffic may be a good strategy, but it should be just one of the different traffic generation methods.

That is the reason why I think picking something you are passionate about is important. You will work on it for years. Sure, you can sell a web site for several thousands after a few months if it is successful, but if you are to build it to a six figure business and sell it for more than that, you should be ready to work on it for years.

When you make that decision, it affects the quality of content you produce and everything that you do, including future products you may be planning to create.

Review of the Decision Day

There are many ways to make money online. I always like the idea of building a business instead of just money maker. When I say business, I’m talking about real business that brings in stable income instead of just a few hundred dollars per month, one that you don’t care if it disappears overnight, because you’ve built hundreds of them.

Again, the decision day should take the business perspective into account. While the research part is solid, and it aims for the lowest hanging fruit, the decision day should not be made solely on the profitability of one keyword, especially if you know that particular keyword does not have high commercial value.

Thirty Day Challenge is a great way to test a market using natural search engine, but it is only one way to do it. You’ll learn a lot about business on the Internet, but it should not limit your perspective.

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