Day 20 — Google AdWords Basics

Google AdWords LogoGoogle AdWords is an independent topic of its own. If you have the budget, you can start testing a product or a niche in 10 minutes. That’s how powerful Google AdWords can be.

On the other hand, if you are not careful enough, you may shoot yourself in the foot. There were stories of people who wake up in one morning just to find that AdWords charged them thousands of dollars. Well, there are a lot of advertisers who are spending that amount, and more on AdWords every day, but for average beginners that is too much.

With such powerful traffic source, without doubt Google AdWords allows you to test a niche keyword very quickly. If you are in doubt a keyword is going to convert, just test it. If it doesn’t turn a visitor into customer, test different keyword or even an entirely different angle using the same keyword.

Day 20 is simple. While an easy trick may involve studying your competitors and see how they approach the prospective customers, there is really only one key concept to understand when using Google AdWords.

This applies to natural search as well…

Getting this right will lower the cost you pay per click. However, that’s not useful unless you have visitors who turn into customers. The good news is, that is included as part of the strategy too.

On the other hand, even though your profit margin is higher, you can burn all your hard-earned money if you are not careful about this.

Many advertisers forget about this underlying principle when advertising. Keeping this in mind is critical to the success of your advertising campaign.

As you may have known, Google’s main service is to provide relevant search engine results. The biggest reason why Google is more successful than Yahoo, although the former was started much later after the latter, is because of its simplicity and relevancy.

That means everything. Because people find the results it returns very useful, they keep using it. It is not the technology, it is user experience.

People don’t care the mathematical formula, algorithms or server technology behind it, but the results based on keyword search.

When rewarding advertisers, Google AdWords also emphasizes on this factor. People who are able to provide good user experience is going to benefit from it. It used to be that Click Through Rate is the most important factor, but now besides that, the whole quality of sites also matter.

Although Google has no control over people’s web sites, at least website owners should make the content as relevant as possible to the prospective customers. That is utmost critical. You will be surprised to know how much Google knows.

With this in mind, when you have successfully create an ad that match to what the searchers want, you will be able to get low cost per click and higher ad position.

There is one secret most “gurus” won’t reveal though. (I’m no guru so I’ll tell.)

It is not easy. It may take months to optimize for certain keyword. But once you are there, you will be able to enjoy the hard work. There are always certain pieces that are not easily copied, even if your competitions copy your ad word for word. If you are just testing for micro-niche keyword, it may not be as complex, but still what you are doing from the start is testing.

While testing, limit your ad impression to very limited geographic location (countries). Test small and go from there, one step at a time.

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