Day 21 — Google AdWords Quality Score and Split Testing

Google AdWords LogoThe lesson for Day 21 includes adding more ad groups and split testing ads. Based on the principle in Day 20, you are going to take it one step further. In fact, it is the only thing that successful AdWords advertisers on a regular basis if they want to squeeze more out of their advertising campaign.

If you’ve heard about Google Slap, it has something to do with quality score. Recall from Day 21 that Google wants good user experience. There is a reason why advertisers who direct traffic to a simple name squeeze page to collect name and email address suffer from low quality score.

It is not that there’s something wrong with collecting email address and follow up, just that the experience must be improved. Search engine users are using Google to find information. If they have to enter their name and email address just to see the first piece of information, that’s not a good user experience.

Savvy marketers have changed their strategy slowly. Now if you’ve paid attention to how things are done recently, many marketers begin to use the reverse name squeeze technique. To keep it simple, it works based on the fact that if the visitors find top-notch information, they will enter their name and email to get more of the same quality of information.

While name acquisition is still a sound strategy, there’s a better approach to do it. People should still be able to find information they want. That may hurt response rate, but for the better if you do this correctly.

Well, I digress… a bit.

Now on to split testing. Advertisers rarely pay the actual price they set in their ad group. You will only pay 1 cent above the position below you and that will almost certainly be lower than the maximum cost per click (Max CPC).

The position and bid price used to be dictated by Click Through Rate (CTR). Although it is still important, the mathematical formula is now more complex, and is unknown. Basically, you would pay less if you have better click through rate and quality score.

That brings us to the point, split testing. This is the only way you can be sure one ad is better than another. You may guess what’s your target market wants, but unless you split test, you would never know.

It is amazing how one tiny little detail can make a huge difference. Switching the order of description line, or capitalizing the first letter in every word, those kind of things, often makes a 100, 200, or even 1,000 percent differences.

Not only you will get much more traffic that way, but you will lower your cost per click over time. Of course, not every new test is going to be the control (winner), but over time that will be the case.

Remember that I said it takes time to optimize an ad campaign?

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