Day 22 — More AdWords Tricks

Google AdWords LogoIn Day 22, based on the data you’ve got from advertising in Google AdWords, you adjust the Maximum Cost Per Click (Max CPC) accordingly, add and delete keywords and add conversion tracking, if you want to get a bit technical.

Rather than repeating what’s already in Thirty Day Challenge, allow me to broaden the discussion a bit. Let’s talk a bit about building an online business instead of money maker.

My approach to online business is a bit different from the Thirty Day Challenge. I have the impression that TDC offers a quick way to test a market, but the decision points used to determine if a niche is profitable or otherwise is a bit too premature.

I am not surprised because what they target mainly are newbies.

However, it is important to understand that business is still a business. You’ve probably heard enough of it from me, but I’m NOT going to stop telling you again because that is so key to the whole thing.

This has something to do with Google AdWords too, bear with me for a moment.

Let’s Change the Approach

Rather than changing a niche, you may as well think about changing the strategy.

I’ve talked about the importance of passion and interest in picking a niche. If you can have both of them for your business, you will never feel like working for the rest of your life.

I’ve also blogged about the myth on multiple stream of income.

And the value building a real business… and walking in the search engine users’ shoes and think about what they want…

If you are interested in rose gardening, and the keyword you bid happened to be hard to profit from, you have two options. Delete the keyword, or switch to a new and better strategy.

The Importance of Changing Mindset and Approach

You see, in future years, competition will become stiffer. Would you rather have 10 average web sites or one authority web site that all people in your niche talk about?

If you pick the latter, and you should, let me tell you, it takes a whole team to achieve that, unless your niche is very small, of which you could manage that yourself.

The million dollar question is, why successful AdWords advertisers stay but tens of others come and go every week or month? If they are able to make it, why don’t you? Again, that only means one thing. The niche is profitable.

Rather than giving up, perhaps you should try different approach. Perhaps add a review page where you review various products and rate each of them. That works in many niches.

A product, a sales letter and an AdWords campaign is a very simple sales process it barely is not a business.

Adding Different Facets, the Multi-Channel Marketing

Part of the Thirty Day Challenge 2008 is building a blog on your own domain (at least it is recommended on a standalone domain). That is a way to add the value to the business you are building.

Right now, people may not be savvy enough to subscribe to RSS feeds, especially for rose gardening enthusiasts and similar demographics. For that, you may also add email autoresponders sequence. In the future, perhaps social networking and other things as well.

That makes it possible for you to follow up with the prospects, close the sales, and introduce your customers to other related products or services, do upsells, and so on.

At the end of the day, those who are able to get the most value of a customer are going to win. They will be able to spend more to acquire one prospect.

Isn’t that where you want your business be?

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