Day 8 — Telling the World about Your Blog

Day 8 - Telling the World about Your BlogThe second week of the Thirty Day Challenge is about the second part of the magnificent symphony, which is traffic. No matter how good your content is, without proper promotion, you won’t be able to get it off the ground.

Traffic is important to any web site, and with the right content and product offer, you will be in profit quickly.

There is more than one way to get traffic. Because one of the main sources of traffic for this year Thirty Day Challenge would be from search engines, especially Google, then the first step is to get your blog indexed.

Although Google has a tool that allows you to submit your web site for inclusion in its search engine database, it can take months before Google will actually visit your site, if that’s the only thing that you do.

Naturally, the best way to get Google spiders to your site is by inviting them. By placing your links out there on sites that are already indexed regularly by Google, you put your site in the way that Google can’t possibly ignore.

The spiders follow links from web pages that they find. Obviously the higher the authority of the site, the more likely Google will follow the links soon and reward them appropriately.

Again, you can get links from other sites easily. Over the next week, I’m sure there will be more lessons about building a strong link network, of high quality inbound links, to increase authority and strengthen search engine positions.

Social bookmarking happens to be the tool suggested in Thirty Day Challenge. I have to admit this falls into the grey area of site promotion. In my opinion, it never is a good idea to blatantly submit own site pages to social media sites.

Well, I’m also guilty for this. I did actually submit my content to social media sites a few times in the past, and just to follow the lessons to the “T” I also do that in this challenge, but I have a mixed feeling regarding this approach.

With tens of thousands people submitting their own content, it will only pollute the social media sites. Social media users are picky about content they want to vote. Unless the content is unique and helpful, not just another average content, they will not submit them.

I tried to create really good content and from what I saw, I got 5 Diggs just 24 hours after the submission, so it isn’t bad at all, I guess. At least I can justify my act with the result.

I need to spend some time to think about this. I have not yet decided my stand on this.

But currently, I think it is fine to submit own content only if that content is really good and you are confident about showing it to others.

Let’s say you are going to write an article for a magazine or local newspaper. If that’s your intention, certainly you submit the article after you’ve finished it. You don’t wait until anyone find your article. So, self-submission is even necessary at certain situations.

However, the purpose of social media sites are well beyond showing your content. It is for others to find good quality information. So again, only submitting when you have really good information is the rule of thumb.

And when it comes to choosing social bookmarking sites to submit to, I’d recommend that you only submit to sites that you intend to participate in. If your account only contains links from your own sites, this looks and sounds spammy, especially for social media sites which are not purely for bookmarking purposes, such as Digg and StumbleUpon.

The fact that Thirty Day Challenge recommends you to bookmark other people’s pages since pre-season shows this is indeed their stand for this issue.

So, again if you use social bookmarking sites to submit your first (and consecutive) content, at least make sure the content is good, something that you are not ashamed to show that it is yours and also use your account to help others find content related to the niche you are blogging.

The Vintage Electric Guitar blog was indexed in 3 hours after submission to social bookmarking sites, mine has been included in the Google’s database (check this via the site: operator query) in 6 hours.

My experience with blogging and pinging is that you could get into Google within 24-48 hours just by pinging, but the fact that you are in Digg and Propeller may surprise you that those two sites will start ranking for your keywords almost immediately, although that is not always the case. That depends on the competitiveness of your niche.

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