Tips for Using FriendFeed — TDC Preseason (Week 7)

This lesson is about tips on using FriendFeed. In week 7th of the TDC preseason, Ed talked about seeing FriendFeed becoming a huge database of people’s interactions on the Web.

The thing that is cleverly done is that it gives you many ways to interact with that database and alert you about things that are relevant to you. This has really significant benefits when it comes to Google and SEO rankings. Don’t panic or even worry about it, if you don’t understand that yet.

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These tips will help you filter, manage and use it effectively.

Tips on Using FriendFeed

In the friends tab, you can see the whole life stream of your friends there.

Friends Tab in FriendFeed

You can filter the feed by showing the best of day, week or month. Anytime you do a filter on FriendFeed, whatever it is, you can actually grab the RSS feed for it.

Note: The “best” filter is based on the number of people who commented and liked it.

One of the cool things is that Web interface works very well with FriendFeed. Twhirl, for example, allows you to view your FriendFeed. There is a problem with Twhirl though because anytime you add a comment, it bumps the entry up. FriendFeed is really designed to be used on the browser and to be used at the time that suits you and to create very cool searches which will allow you to filter those feeds into Google Reader at the appropriate time.

Another important thing is that you don’t get taken out of your flow when viewing FriendFeed. A video, when clicked, will play immediately below it.

Viewing Video in FriendFeed

Looking at Your Feed

There is a really interesting way to slice and dice the information to follow you. When you follow along, you should think about using this is your niche or in your small business that you want to take for the Thirty Day Challenge.

Let’s take a look at your own feed by clicking the me tab.

Me Tab - Your FriendFeed Feed

It can be very helpful if you use the Comments filter to see anything that you put up that has been commented on. Of course, you can go straight up to the feed icon in Flock and get the feed into Google Reader.

Filters in Your FriendFeed Page

You can also see stuff that people liked, by using the Likes filter. Again, there is a feed for that.

Searching FriendFeed

A search feature is also available for FriendFeed. For example, you can search for the term “#30dc” (without quotes), and it will automatically search for all items in your FriendFeed that has “#30dc”.

You can start seeing FriendFeed as such a huge bucket where all these pipes, like YouTube, flickr, Twitter, Amazon Wish List, and everything get fed in. It is a huge database bucket.

What’s so interesting about FriendFeed is how you can slice and dice and mix this bucket to deliver data that is really useful to you. It also has great search engine value. Bottom line, you’ll get traffic for your small business or niche product. Plus you are able to build rooms where people can comment on everything that is delivered into this room.

Rooms in FriendFeed

If you haven’t yet joined the Thirty Day Challenge room, you should do it now.

FriendFeed Sharing Bookmarklet Link

Every member of the room can actually share something by clicking the Share something button.

If you click on the FriendFeed Sharing Bookmarklet link, you will be brought to a page where you can drag and drop a bookmarklet into your Flock toolbar.

Drag and Drop FriendFeed Share Bookmarklet to Flock Toolbar

The database in FriendFeed is only going to get bigger and bigger. That means it will become more powerful to search.

More Searching Features in FriendFeed

You can perform a search in the room by using the search form, like show below. You know it is searching a room because it has Thirty Day Challenge in the title.

Searching Room Feed in FriendFeed

Anytime someone mentions a particular term in the room, you can check that out.

If you go to everyone tab and put in thirty day challenge in the search, the result will represent the entry particular to that phrase.

Every search result page also has a feed. You can get all information regarding the search if they are imported into FriendFeed, and you can track that within your feed reader, like Google Reader.

Once you performed a search, you can actually see the query string for that search. For instance the last one is as below.

Search Query in FriendFeed

In this case, it is who:everyone thirty day challenge. So you can use the query string immediately by typing the who:everyone to search for everyone’s feed.

Let’s try searching for trout fishing. Just replace the phrase Thirty Day Challenge with Trout Fishing. The result is shown below…

Searching for Trout Fishing in FriendFeed

This can be very powerful for your business. As more and more people use FriendFeed, more information will be available. You could also use the Advanced Search.

Advanced Search Link in FriendFeed

For example, you are going to search for Trout Fishing, shared from YouTube, and from everyone who is on FriendFeed. Of course, you can also search items shared by your friends or one FriendFeed person.

(Unfortunately, there is no search result for this query.)

Change the Trout Fishing back again to thirty day challenge. Again, you don’t have to start from scratch in the Advanced Srarch form above, just use existing search string.

Editing FriendFeed Search Query

Anybody who put a YouTube video will automatically come up.

So search is available on your personal level, on the room level (which is great for the 30DC), among your friends and globally (everyone).

More Function for Entry in FriendFeed

You have the ability to hide links, filter (don’t want to see people’s Twitter), basically play around and save that search so you have access to it.

What to Do

If you haven’t already, create a room for your team in 30DC so you can share something that you find interesting and share with your room or team.

Play around with FriendFeed and get familiar with it.

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