Getting a Google Account — TDC Preseason (Week 4)

Today’s lesson is going to blow you away, even if you are an experienced Internet marketer. It is going to save you at least one hour a day. It helps you become so much better informed and much more across your market.

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Google Reader is an RSS feed reader. Before you can use it, you must have a Google account. How do you know if you already have a Google account? Existing Gmail users and other Google’s services already have Google account. (Gmail will be discussed later in the preseason too.)

Of course, you need to sign in before you can use it. You will find that most of the time you will find that you already logged in. Feel free to skip this part if you already have a Google account.

Signed In to Google Reader

The Google Reader link is available in the drop down menu in more, see the picture below.

Accessing Google Reader

Getting a Google Account

Once you click on the Reader you will see a screen like the following.

Google Reader Sign in Screen

You have the opportunity to create an account, sign in, or take a tour. If you area reading article, you don’t need to take the tour.

Let’s go on and create a new account. Click on the blue button.

Sign up with Google Account

Enter your email address and choose your password (enter it twice just to confirm), and enable Remember me on this computer if you are not using a publicly shared computer.

Keep the Enable Web History option on, for a few reasons. There are a lot of Google tools that all TDC members will have to use to manage teams, share documents and do all sorts of really cool things. Using Web History is recommended.

Sign up Screen part 2

The next screen is straightforward. Choose your location, enter the word verification, read the Terms of Service and click the I accept. Create my account button.

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