Getting Started with StumbleUpon — TDC Preseason (Week 4)

Today is all about StumbleUpon. It can be very addictive so be forewarned!

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When you are in the mood of randomly come up (discover) new web sites and pages that are interesting to you, StumbleUpon is a fantastic tool to find them. What so clever about StumbleUpon is that is notices what you do like, and what you stumble, and through some algorithms, they come up with sites when you press the Stumble button, usually they are fantastic, or you will never ever come across them.

There are billions of web pages, but this is a way to broaden your horizon for sites that you may have never discovered before but the other thing is that it have awesome marketing potential, which will be shown later in Thirty Day Challenge.

StumbleUpon is one of the social bookmarking sites, but truly it is one of a kind. The more pages that are given a thumb up (more on this later), the better the site it would be.

You can utilize that to bring attention to some of your sites too. Ed presumes that throughout the 30DC, your content is going to make somebody’s day, provide them with a much needed answer to a problem they’ve had, or provide some value.

If it is none of these things, then all these things will bring the demise much quicker, and that’s a good thing. The reason this is taught inside preseason is because all of these social bookmarking sites don’t want to become victim of the spammers.

They look closely on how people stumble. Of course, the way to always make sure that you never get accused or be guilty of spamming is of course, do not spam. Use it as a tool as intended.

Let’s take through the sign up process and install the toolbar into your Flock browser.

Joining Stumble Upon and Installing the Toolbar

Obvious enough, to join StumbleUpon, you need to click on the yellow button that says Join StumbleUpon.

Joining StumbleUpon

In the registration form, you need to enter email address, a user name, your birthday, gender and verify that you are a human by entering the words in the image on the right field.

You can also set the option to Let friends find me by email and Show website ratings & reviews next to search results. Finally, click on the green Join and Download Now button.

That will take you to the next step so you can download your StumbleUpon toolbar.

What you also need to do is, when you get your toolbar up, there is a Stumble button and a whole bunch of buttons, which will be shown later.

Stumble Upon will only get better as you use it and fill in your profile. Once you setup your profile, this thing is uncanny.

Once you’ve installed the toolbar, here is the screen that appeared on my browser.

StumbleUpon Toolbar Installed Message

Of course, you want to sign in first and then check the Sign out when I close the browser if you are using a public computer. Otherwise, it can be safe to leave it unchecked to save you from entering user name and password each time you start the toolbar.

You also want to choose the topics of your interests so StumbleUpon only displays relevant pages.

Start Stumbling

Stumble button in StumbleUpon Toolbar

Start stumbling new web page by clicking on the Stumble! button. If you think this page is useful or dislike it, the next button in the toolbar is the thumbs up (I like it!) and thumbs down buttons.

It is not a devastating blow to give someone a thumbs down. It is used mainly by StumbleUpon to ensure it delivers the top of the web site that you want to see more of.

If you come across a fresh content and click on the I like it button, you will see a dialog box.

New Page StumbleUpon Dialog Box

In this dialog box, the Title field will be filled automatically for you. Of course, you can change it or fix the characters. You can post your own Review, choose a Topic, Tags, Language and mark if it is an Adult (contains nudity) content.

Put in what you think into the Review area, if you choose to review the page. Common topics are available in the list to click from, or you can choose from the list of hundreds of topics from the drop down menu.

Tags are really important. The whole Web 2.0 basically works based on tags, particularly videos. It is important to get into the habit and start thinking about tags. Tag is the main word(s) you use to describe that content. Separate multiple tags with comma.

After submission, the I like button is greyed out. The reason is because you already stumble it.

You are free to slack off for now and play around with StumbleUpon. Give thumbs up on the content that you like, thumbs down for the stuff you are not so much interested in.

There are other things you can do but the two or three buttons are the most important. You should get into the habit of stumbling the page that you like. That’s your task over the next few days. It is very easy to do, takes no time, and it also builds up your profile at StumbleUpon.

It is important that you establish yourself as a real human being because you are doing real stuff that real human being likes. If you all you do is start stumbling your own site from the moment you sign on, even your content is great, they will think you are just spamming using the system.

Think of it as a bank account. By stumbling great sites that you enjoy, you are literally building up your bank account. You are making deposits. When you use it to stumble your own content, you are making a draw. You want to make sure you have plenty in the bank, so to speak.

Other Features

StumbleUpon Channels

Let’s skip to channels. Currently you are in the World icon. That means you stumble everything, i.e. you go through everything randomly. You can also choose to stumble Favorites of friends which is an interesting one.

Clicking once on it will immediately bring you randomly to the page in that channel.

Stumble Favorites of Friends

If you add Ed as a friend, you will be able to stumble favorites of friends, like above.

Who Stumble on This Page

You can see who stumbled upon that page in the toolbar (it is updated as you visit a page).

The next icon lets you Stumble Upon images, which is interesting thing itself. Another thing you can stumble include video. Notice that when you click on one of those icons, the StumbleUpon button will display an icon next to it. In the following image, it is stumbling video.

Stumble Videos

Of course, when you click on the StumbleUpon button once again, it will bring another video.

You can also stumble upon sites. For example, you can choose YouTube and only stumble videos on YouTube.

StumbleThru a Website

Get into the habit of giving thumbs up for content that you like. In 30DC, you will use StumbleUpon from a marketing perspective but for now let’s focus on this. Use the next hour to slack off and stumble sites.

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