Getting Started with YouTube — TDC Preseason (Week 4)

With your new power and skills from the preseason, you are going to use YouTube in a whole new way.

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The first thing you need to do is sign up and have your own YouTube account. Click the Sign Up link to go directly to the sign up form.

Signup Link in YouTube

Type in your information in the right form fields and create your account.

Alternatively, you may login to YouTube by using your Google Account, which you use to login to Google Reader.

Once you login, you will see your subscriptions, featured videos, stuff that are recommended for you, etc. Yon may also customize your homepage but for this demonstration, you should do that a bit later.

Subscribe to Ed’s Channel via RSS Feed

For now, go to Ed’s Channel page. Notice there is a feed for each channel.

RSS Feed in YouTube

Click on the feed and click Add to Google Reader. If you want detailed walk through on using Google Reader, you can get it from previous lesson.

Other Neat YouTube Features

Go any video page by clicking the title of the video.

Individual Video page in YouTube

You may notice that Flock displays a message on the top of the page. It says:

YouTube plugs right into Flock. Click “Remember Account” to keep your YouTube friends in Flock’s People Sidebar.

Flock Message about Integration with YouTube

This feature will be covered later on. Now, click that off so it doesn’t distract you.

Another great feature of the Flock browser is the installable search engines feature.

Video Search for YouTube

You can include YouTube video search in your drop down search menu. That way, searching YouTube videos are now available from the search form in the upper right corner of your Flock browser.

YouTube Video Search Dropdown Menu in Flock

It is amazing what you can find on YouTube and how many people now realize the power using YouTube to promote a product. If you have something that can be demonstrated, YouTube is awesome for that.

On each of the video page, you will see a yellow Subscribe button. Hit on that to subscribe to the user channel.

Subscribe to User Video in YouTube

Automatically YouTube will keep track every time that user uploads a new video. When you login, you will notice that s/he has a new video. However, the feed version that is available on the user’s channel page is a better option.

If you subscribe to the feed in Google Reader, clicking on the feed entry will immediately embeds the video on the page, so you can view it right away.

Viewing Subscribed YouTube Video in Google Reader

Flock gives you e-mail, blog and view stream options for the video. The blog feature is something Ed uses to frame up the blog post if you use that particular video. (It will insert the code automatically to the in-built blog editor).

On the video page, exactly below the video is the rate feature. You can give ratings to the videos you watch.

Rate YouTube Videos

Also a new feature is to view in high quality version, which enables much sharper video.

Watch High Quality Version in YouTube

Full screen is available on each video, and when you watch in high quality version, it is not bad at all.

What else can you do here?

You can stumble this video by adding personal review, choosing a category, language and hitting the Recommend this Video button.

By actually stumbling upon this particular video, that has been literally distributed to tens of thousands of places, in Ed’s case. (Hint: FriendFeed). When you start to see how you can use this for marketing purposes, you will be blown away.

Other features include Digg, blog, MySpace, email, and more. There are a whole bunch of share options. Examine the following screenshot.

Share Options in YouTube

Think about it from the perspective of your own niche. You may not have a niche yet, but imagine it is trout fishing. You are searching around for trout fishing sites, you have a blog about trout fishing and other related stuff on it. People who are looking for trout fishing information all of the sudden regard you as the place to go to get latest information because they don’t have to time to do all of these.

Most people don’t know how to do that, so that’s part of the magic.

Hitting the Favorite button is very handy if you want to watch the video on Apple TV, TiVo or other devices. That means you can get all the Thirty Day Challenge videos on Apple TV.

If you subscribe to anybody, all the videos will magically appear on your Apple TV. Ed will create a video another day about Apple TV.

So, those are something you could do to utilize YouTube a bit better. It is good for you now during the preseason to get yourself setup for an account, and setup your account so that you can use the share capability.

Make sure you add your StumbleUpon profile so you can stumble on videos.

See you in the next lesson!

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