Google Subscribed Links — TDC Preseason (Week 5)

Today’s lesson will be pretty easy. It is about helping your find stuff on the Internet. First, go to the 30 Day Challenge Dashboard or use your TDC toolbar.

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All you need to do today is to click on the icon that says “Add my expertise to your Google web searches”.

Google Subscribed Links Button

The page that appears after it will look like this.

Google Subscribed Links Subscribe Button

Click on the Subscribe button with the blue tick to subscribe. If you are logged into Google, you will immediately see the page like above. You may be asked for login information otherwise. Use the same one that you use for your Google Reader or Gmail, whichever you use to access Google most.

Believe it or not, this is the end of the lesson…

Test Google Subscribed Links

Let’s go to our Google toolbar and search for “Ed Dale” (without quotes). The result would be something like the following.

Google Subscribed Links Search Result

You can see that the search result includes a message. In this case it is:

2008 Thirty Day Challenge. Pre-season training has started in the 2008 Thirty Day Challenge Sign up for the challenge and get started for free! Make your first $10 online. Start today.

If you use Google for a different search term, and Ed has a particular opinion about that topic, you’ll see his face come up. He might link to a review, certain spot in thirty day challenge, YouTube video lesson, or others. You will be able to tell it is Google Subscribed Links because you will see Ed’s face.

What Does This Mean to You

Imagine that you can use this technique in your own niche. If you are in trout fishing, wedding planning, or whatever niche. If you have a group of people that you are able to provide your opinion on particular search result for them.

Veteran marketers among us will just fallen off their chairs.

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