Google Subscribed Links and Other Goodies — TDC Preseason Week 5

You may think the trick in Google Reader was pretty spiffy, or perhaps the YouTube lesson let you look in YouTube in a whole different way but the absolute bombshell is going to be shown today.

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When Dan showed this particular technique in the Beechworth conference, everybody was just stunned. If you are using Internet Explorer and the link given in Ed’s email didn’t work, you should seriously get rid of it. You should be using Flock, Firefox, Safari, Opera, or anything, but not Internet Explorer.

If you are serious about Internet marketing, you need to switch to a better browser. Period. Flock will be the official browser for the Thirty Day Challenge, but Firefox is cool if you prefer it.

Back to the bombshell that Ed (and the team) dropped today.

Tips: Remember that you can get all Ed’s videos by subscribing to the feed in YouTube.

The TDC toolbar takes you to different parts of 30DC sites. If you want to go to the pre-season sites, you will automatically go there by choosing the right option.

About Google Subscribed Links

So, the latest buzz is Google Subscribed Links.

On each preseason lesson and indeed later in Thirty Day Challenge you will see a button that says Click here to add Ed Dale’s expertise to your Google web searches. It has a nice illustration too.

Google Subscribed Links button

Click on that button (please do it). If you are logged in to Google — you will notice your username in the upper right corner of the browser window — it will automatically take you to this page.

Google Subscribed Links page

Actually, the page will look differently from above if you haven’t yet subscribed. If that’s your case, you will see a button with a green tick that says Subscribe.

All you have to do is click on that button.

Let’s try with a good old Google search. You can use the search box in the top right corner to perform the search. Try using “Ed Dale” (without the quotes) as the keyword.

Pay attention to the following search result.

Google Subscribed Links Search Result

If Ed has a recommendation or something he likes all subscribers to see, then you will see the page on the recommendation. In this case in the fourth listing. For example, if he has a video on “how to youtube” and you type in “youtube”, you’ll see a link to Ed’s YouTube video.

This is so powerful and important, but nobody picks this up. (That’s what Ed, Dan and the whole team are doing inside the Immediate Edge and they are so proud of it.)

Another usage example from the user standpoint, if you forget about where a lesson is, because the lesson has keywords that are targeted for that particular lesson. Just type in that particular keyword.

For instance, if you want to see John Reese’s stuff, searching on it will reveal Ed’s video on Traffic Secrets 2.0.

Google Subscribed Links Search Result for John Reese

Think where you might be able to use this. If you have a group of people who are interested in trout fishing, and you have trout fishing blog network, and you have a button that’s similar to Ed. You teach people to click on that button and subscribe.

All the sudden, when they are searching for the term like “fly fishing”, you could have your own recommendation or an article that is on fly fishing or you can have an affiliate product or anything.

Do you realize how many people are struggling to get the fourth place in Google listing, and yet you have it there automatically forever?

That is why it is so cool. How would you be using this?

If you have a small business, you’d make sure that as part of that small business program, you send out as part of the sequence showing people how to sign up to this.

The cool thing is, it is integrated into the Google system so whoever has a Gmail account or a Google account can use the button, which makes it really fantastic.

You have to realize how cool is that to come up with that from a marketing perspective.

For Thirty Day Challengers, it is a cool service. As you get further along in your marketing in the main 30DC, you will learn how to turn that into just an astounding Internet marketing weapon.

What’s Coming — FriendFeed

So, you’ve seen the trick with Google Reader, how to use YouTube in an entirely different way and Google Subscribed Links, but you aren’t seen anything yet. Next week on TDC, it is all FriendFeed, all the time.

Ed is about to unveil the incredible power of FriendFeed.

FriendFeed is so hard to understand, really hard. But once you get it, it is the most powerful thing. One thing that people say is that it is a Twitter replacement. It is NOT. FriendFeed is completely different from Twitter. They actually complement each other beautifully.

What’s fascinating is that many people miss the point because they don’t look at it from the marketing point of view. If you look at the different services with a different filter, all the sudden you understand, for example, why Plurk is not going to work for Internet marketing.

Plurk is a cool service, but it is not going to work with Internet marketing, sorry. How does Ed know? Because he knows the key filters and fundamentals of what makes something good. This is being taught at Beechworth and again soon in Orlando, October 2008.

That’s why Twitter will survive and thrive. Recently a new service,, was launched. Many people say that it is a Twitter replacement. “Quick everybody jump over!”

If you look at the underneath and fundamentals of that service, the service is crap. It is so far where not Twitter is at the moment because Digerati — people who are interested in the business of talking about what’s going on in the Web 2.0 — is making the commentaries.

This is a whole lesson in itself. In terms of being of the voice of the market. That’s what you should be aiming to be in your niche. With the tools that are available nowadays, that is so easy to do now.

No Lesson for Next Week — Getting a New iPhone

Ed’s email has gone bananas about Google Subscription but wait until you see FriendFeed in the next lesson. Actually there will no live broadcast next week (Fri, July 11th 2008) because Ed is going to live broadcast from whatever queue he’s in to get the new iPhone.

So that you sound knowledgeable about the new iPhone to all your friends: It’s not about the hardware. Forget the hardware, it’s immaterial. It’s about the software. When you see the applications that are being released for the next Friday, it will blow your mind. It will like nothing ever happened to telecommunication history.

People miss the point. It is not the hardware. What you can do with it is what’s so important.

Questions and Answers

Ed mentioned two split test methods but only use one in 30DC, but he won’t reveal the alternate method that miss the cut.

Obviously it is just for the Immediate Edge members. This year, Ed have an amazing team working on the 30DC, and everyone can see the differences.

But what the lab has come up with for the actual thirty days… If you think all the stuff you’ve seen is amazing, just wait until the Thirty Day Challenge Team does a bit of Market Samurai (which will be cross platform on both Windows and Mac) on your eyes.

You have to try the new marketplace for Google Subscribe button. If you are wondering if it will be worth the effort to teach them how to do that, the answer is pretty much obvious. Having a permanent fourth slot for Google is something anyone doesn’t want to miss.

People are winging about the marketing thing of Google Subscribed Links because someone forces them into reading his stuff. The best thing about Google Subscribed Links is that it is a powerful tool but like any other powerful tool in Web 2.0, if you abuse it, you’re gone with one click of a mouse.

People are in control. There is no reason people are offended by marketing. Just click on a button and they are gone forever. That’s how you should approach Google Subscribe Links.

The lesson on how to create your own Google Subscribed Links is shown only to the Immediate Edge members.

Someone asked if there will be new stuff in the 30DC or there will only be implementation. All the stuff that you are doing in pre-season is about tools. It’s getting you setup.

When you move into 30DC, it is about making that first dollar through marketing, market research, generate traffic and so on. The reason for this preseason is that it gives you time to become familiar with the tools.

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