Installing and Setting Your Flock Preferences — Thirty Day Challenge Preseason (Week 1)

This year’s challenge will use Flock as a browser. It is using the same engine as Firefox, but with built-in support for social media, which is awesome.

Download the video from the Thirty Day Challenge training area and watch Ed guides you through the features and installation.

Note: The demonstration is performed in Mac, but you can apply it easily to Windows machine or even Linux.

Go ahead, install yourself a copy of Flock… I’ll wait here.

Done? Good.

Let’s continue with the second video, which is Setting Your Flock Preferences.

Some of the existing add-ons will be migrated from Firefox to Flock already. More about the extensions in later video.

By the way, I’m on a Windows PC, so the following will be screenshots of what I see. I think it provides a balance. The video is captured in Mac, and the screenshots will be done in Windows.

Access the Flock’s Options by clicking on ToolsOptions. Mac users: FlockPreferences.

  1. Flock has a feature that allows you to see a summary of friend’s activity, media, and various feeds. However, there is a better option to do this.
  2. Check always check to see if Flock is the default browser on startup.

Now go on to the next part.

Flock Tabs

Make sure you settings are like above before your move to Content tab. I don’t have Java enabled on my machine, but Ed does. I don’t think it is matter, but you can enable that if you want to.

On to the next part, you need to make sure you are choosing Google Reader as your news feed. Your screen may be a bit different, but don’t worry about it.

With Google selected, every time you click on the orange feed button, you will be directed to Google Readers subscription page.

Flock Feeds Settings

Next screen is the option for Searching.

Flock Searchng Options

Choose your favorite search engine from the drop down list. Ed picked Google, so did I. In the Live Results, Ed recommends Favorites and Recently Visited and Technorati Search.

In the Include in Search Elsewhere you can choose a list of search engines that will appear in the drop down menu when you use the search box in the upper right corner of the screen. You see that I have a few additional options installed but they are my personal preference.

Flock Search Elsewhere

To demonstrate the subscribe to a feed feature, go to Ed’s blog at and click on the orange feed icon on the left side of the browser’s address bar.

Flock Orange Feed Icon

Once clicked, you will go to the Add to Google Reader page. Select the second option (on the right side of the screen) to add the feed to your Google Reader account.

Add to Google Reader Screen

Ed is going to show a trick that will save an hour a day in consuming feed entries. This one option in Google Reader makes it the news reader of choice for this year TDC instead of Bloglines.

But, you have to wait to for future training. Meanwhile, here is the screen after you click on Add to Google Reader

Google Reader Screen

Another feed you need to add to Google Reader is TDC’s feed. Go to the TDC blog and repeat the above process once again.

You’ll need a Google Reader account to do this, which will be shown in the later pre-season training video.

However, go ahead, register for a Google Reader account if you want to follow along above. If you are confused, just wait for the video.

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