Thirty Day Challenge 2008 Prelaunch Summary (TDC is Going to be Started in August 1st 2008)

Just a quick update, I decided to participate in Thirty Day Challenge this year, which is the fourth year of this event. So, expect me to blog about this in the upcoming month. (The challenge will be started in August 1st, so if you want to participate, you still have time.)

This year is quite different thought because this year there is a pre-season, designed to help participants to warm up for the challenge.

Here’s the video of the pre-launch. Watch the first 6 minutes to find the story on how the 30DC was started in 2005.

In short, the pre-season is here to teach you how to use the tools so you are ready for the core part during the challenge. This keeps you from being overwhelmed when you have to learn the tools, marketing, product creation and copywriting aspects at the same time.

The weekly pre-season broadcast will NOT contain the demonstration video of the tools. Those videos will be available in the member’s area. If you’ve already joined and installed the TDC toolbar in Flock (more on this in later post), then access is only a few clicks away.

Watch the Pre Season Live!

The Pre Season is broadcasted through, which is a live interactive video broadcast platform that allows you to see Ed Dale directly through the screen and text chat with the viewers.

Some people have problems with the streaming, especially for users with slower Internet connection, but this show and the future ones will be recorded and made available to all participants in YouTube, BitTorent, and downloadable files (both High Definition and Standard Definition).

Note: You need to join Ed for Q&A after the main show and the After Party Reunion. The latter, as Ed said, has no zero educated value at all so don’t worry if you miss out.

Summary of the Prelaunch

The preseason is one of the most favorite parts for last year TDC because it showed people a different way of using the Internet, i.e. it made their experience with the Internet much more efficient and colorful.

The official time zone for TDC is EST (Eastern Standard Time).

Don’t worry about getting the lessons as they become available immediately. It is important to do the work and a lot of time to catch up.

A surprising fact: About 100 people are joining in every day since TDC has finished, so there should be a flexibility in this, as it is now a year-around event.

This year participants comes from around the globe. A team of Information Technology students from South Africa decided to join, and from everywhere.

As of the video, there are already 8 people who have become a millionaire since the first TDC. That’s not the point though. It is about earning your first $1 and providing a foundation / platform for a sustainable business.

People who are successful have the focus and don’t get ahead of themselves. Sticking a program for 30 days is a huge achievement.

Team is crucial. Experience shows that if you have a team, you are more likely to finish the challenge and go on creating a new business online. The core tools that will be used this year allow you to communicate with the team effectively.

It used to be that building an online business is an individual sport. However, Internet marketing in 2008 is team sport. There’s too much to do to keep it for yourself. You should employ people, outsource, or work in a team.

So, in other words, you want to be on the team.

There will be interviews with previous past TDC-ers, sharing their experience about the challenge.

People who are successful are small business owners. They took the techniques in TDC and apply those to their business. Other groups who are successful are home school-ers, women — who works very well in team, better than men — and artists. Don’t forget to tell your friends about this.

Here’s a list of tools mentioned in the prelaunch video:

  1. Web browser. The choice of browser is very important because web browser has become a very important part of the whole production. While in last year challenge, the browser of choice was Firefox, this year it is Flock.
  2. Another tool is Twitter. It is an amazing tool to communicate with the marketplace.

Ed’s giving away a 3-screen monitor in Q&A session as a thank you for joining in live.

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