Tips for Watching the Videos — TDC Preseason Week 8

This is the last technical lesson and it will be an easy one. You will learn the various ways to use the videos and lessons, like what you are watching right now. You may not know a couple that you don’t know about.

Download This Video

1. Good Thirty Day Challenge Training Page (YouTube)

The Thirty Day Challenge page is going to look pretty much like the preseason page, perhaps a slight change in color and a few small things. In terms of functionality, it will be exactly the same.

You can see a standard YouTube video on the page.

Thirty Day Challenge Preseason Lesson Page

Exactly underneath it is a link to download that file. Right click and choose Save Link As in Flock. Create a folder in your computer for TDC and save all your files there.

Over on the right hand side is the core training of each day. If you click on the blue link (shown in the arrow marked as “1″), you will be taken over to YouTube. A reason why TDC is using YouTube is that with Apple TV and TiVo you can actually download and watch YouTube videos on your television.

Subscribe to YouTube User

All you have to do watch videos on Apple TV or TiVo is click on the Subscribe button. This button is available on each of the video page.

You can also watch the videos with YouTube-enabled phones, in particular is iPhone.

If you have the bandwidth you can also watch in high quality, which is much sharper.

High Quality Video Option in YouTube

You’ll notice there’s an SD and HD button. The SD is the Standard Definition version and HD is for High Definition. Right click on on of those buttons and choose Save Link As to save the video to your hard drive.

SD has been optimized for you to use in iPhone, iPod, or any of the device. It also looks great on the desktop, just a little bit smaller. The HD version allows you to see it nice, big and crystal clear. It is actually higher definition than DVD. If you want to keep a copy, this is absolute the version to go. The file size is bigger though, which may be a problem for people who have download restrictions.

Bottom line, there are 3 options in the lesson page.

2. Revver

On the Revver, you’ll be able to find high resolution version of the video. Revver has an ad over the video, but of course, you can close it by clicking on the (x) button. See below.

Close the Ads on Revver

You can also download the video in Flash or QuickTime. You can use the files for your own personal use only.

Some countries around the globe do block YouTube, so that’s why TDC has a lot of options for you to view the videos.

3. Watch on Desktop or iPod/iPhone

Now you know how to download video files from various places, from TDC site or Revver. What you need to do is to have a playlist in iTunes (available in Mac and Windows).

Create New Playlist in iTunes

Go to File → New Playlist and call that playlist Thirty Day Challenge.

New Playlist in iTunes

Tips: You can create a playlist by clicking on the (plus) button at the lower left corner of iTunes.

Add Playlist to iTunes

To keep the downloaded file inside of iTunes, all you have to do is drag and drop it to the list area with the playlist selected.

Select a Playlist in iTunes

Alternatively, you can drop it to the playlist name. Your file is now on the playlist.

If you connect iPhone or iPod up to your computer, you will be able to show that playlist on there. You can sync the playlist up on your iPhone or iPod.

When you want to play, you just need to highlight a file and click Play.

Choose a File Inside iTunes

Hit the Play Button to Play Video in iTunes

Sometimes the video will be playing in the lower left corner.

iTunes Now Playing on the Lower Left Corner

The fourth icon from the left controls your viewing. Most likely you don’t want to view it there. Click on the video to open it up on a new window.

If you have an older PC, you can use something called VLC media player. It is a free and cross platform video player for Windows, Mac, and other operating systems as well.

Download VideoLAN VLC

VLC is very barebones and it does what it does very well.

VideoLAN VLC Interface in Windows

What you want to do is browse to the necessary file and open it. Use the control buttons to play, pause, adjust volume, and so on.

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