Tweaking Flock Browser and Installing Add-Ons — TDC Preseason (Week 2)

The second week of preseason teaches you how to enhance and speed up your Flock browser. It also introduces Twitter, what Ed claimed (in the preseason video) to be the biggest things to hit the Internet during last year. Both of them will be crucial to the Thirty Day Challenge.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Making Flock Faster

  1. Type about:config into the address bar at the top and wait for the page to load
  2. In the filter type network.http
  3. Locate the strand called network.http.pipelining and double click it to change the value from false to true
  4. Do the same to network.http.proxy.pipelining
  5. Then locate network.http.pipelining.maxrequests – double click and change the value to 30 or higher
  6. Finally, close Flock and load it up again…

Flock Browser Config page

Tips: In Flock 1.2.1, you can install a Firefox extension called Fasterfox. Once installed, you can choose a preset or customize your own tweaks without having to mess with the code like above. Choose different presets and notice every variables changes immediately (open the about:config in a browser tab first).

Installing Flock Extensions / Add-Ons

A security feature in Flock prevents you from installing Flock extensions from insecure sites. However, if you are sure the it is safe, you can add it to the list of Allowable Sites and repeat the installation process.

Here’s the warning that may appear when you click on the Download or Install button / link.

Flock Block Add-Ons Installation

And the following is the dialog box to add the URL to the list of allowable sites.

Allowable Sites in Flock

If you don’t know how to install the extension, make sure you watch the video on how to install Flock add-ons. (the video is also available for download in site the members are).

List of Flock Add-Ons

There is an accompanying PDF document — it is a presentation format — that lists all the add-ons for 30DC. Download this document, go through the pages, click on the links and install each of them.

Or, you can use the links below…

1. Google Global

This extension allows you to look at search results from anywhere in the world. Search results in Australia is different from the United States. Google also optimize search results based on local entities.

If your target market is mainly in the U.S. but you are in Australia, you will need this add-on. This add-on will be used a lot in TDC.

Tips: One thing to add that is not mentioned in the video is that you can put the Google Global button on your Flock toolbar.

Right click an empty area on your Flock menu bar, locate the Google Global icon and click and drag the icon to the toolbar.

Add Google Global to Flock Toolbar

With it, you can see different versions of search results by using the drag and drop button in the toolbar.

Google Global Icon on Flock Toolbar

2. Google Notebook

A lot of people like Google Notebook when it was introduced in TDC last year, but this year, it will be 10 times better. Google Notebook allows you to make notes without having to get out of the browser. Highlight content on the browser and add to the Google Notebook and it will be there.

You need to have a Google Account to use this. In later video, Ed will show how to get all the Google services. If you can’t wait, just register an account yourself.

For now, all you need to do is install the extension into your Flock browser.

Google Notebook Add-Ons for Flock

3. SEO for Firefox/Flock

The extension is SEO for Firefox, but it works in Flock as well. The left hand side of the search engines there are natural search results. Part of the strategy last year is to get into the natural / organic search result. This tool pulls a bunch of interesting and important data (and save you a lot of time to manually query them).

SEO for Firefox by default will turn some of your links red to show that they are nofollow links. If you don’t understand it, don’t worry, all you need to know now is to turn the red link off. It does no harm though, but if you find is disturbing, turn it off by deactivating the add-on.

Disable SEO Firefox on FlockClick on the icon in the status bar (at the bottom of the browser window) once. If it is greyed out, it is disabled. When you visit a page or do a search after this, you will see normal links and search result.

4. SearchStatus

Another tool that shows you Alexa rankings and PageRank information for the page you are looking at is SearchStatus. The information will appear in the status bar.

Search Status Add-On for Flock

5. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a cool tool that will help you immensely in your Internet marketing. It is a fantastic service — which will be showed in later video — with a lot of intelligence. It helps people on the Internet to know about great sites. You have to watch out, it can be pretty addictive.

This extension appears as toolbar. You will need this very shortly.

StumbleUpon Toolbar Extension for Flock

6. TwiiterBar

The next one is called Twitterbar. You can post to Twitter directly from Flock browser but it has two tiny problems:

  1. It is a two click process. You need to click to share the link. It takes you away from the page you’re surfing on and enter the information. With TwitterBar, you can enter the information right in the address bar and click on the little green button to post it.
  2. URLs can be long. This leaves you little or no room to add comments. The internal Flock feature doesn’t allows you to use URL shorten service. Basically you need to shorten the URL and get the code that will redirect to the original URL. This is important to give space to write decent comment. TwitterBar allows you to shorten the URL automatically.

Twitterbar in Flock

7. Thirty Day Challenge Toolbar

This toolbar is a useful and fast way to access the links, tools, and everything TDC has. The search service

Note: Ed (and the team) is making about $1.65 a day from the use of this toolbar because when you use it for search, the toolbar shares a tiny percentage with the creator of this toolbar. If that offends you, feel free not to install it.

Thirty Day Challenge Toolbar for Flock

That’s it. It is recommended from now that you use the Flock browser to get familiar with it for the main Thirty Day Challenge.

Now, go for a walk or take a bubble bath.

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